COVID- triggered “New Economy”: outdoor camping brings new opportunities for the injection molding industry


Are you going to camp this weekend?

Recreational camping started in the late 19th century and became one of the most common outdoor activities all around the world. In recent two years, camping became even more popular around the world due to the travel restriction by COVID-19. People temporarily give up international and long-distance travel, they head to campgrounds, parks, lakes and streams, setting up tents.

“Camping has become a trend. All of a sudden, every meadow seems to be full of campers.” An industry insider said, "flower appreciation, camping, recreational vehicle trips, photo shooting and other various activities are popular.”

Outdoor equipment is also continuously upgrading to meet the trend. People are no longer satisfied with simply setting up a chair and a desk; they now are more interested in cooking with cookers or small home appliances in the tent, having a sleepover outdoors, etc. With the constant changing of the camping styles, the number and design of outdoor leisure items are increasing.

According to a report released by Guangzhou-based research firm iiMedia Research, the scale of China's camping market increased from 7.71 billion yuan in 2014 to 29.9 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to grow by 18.6 percent in 2022 to 35.46 billion yuan. It is estimated that 30% of consumers will spend 3,000 to 5,000 yuan on camping equipment, and 18.4% of consumers will spend more than 10,000 yuan.

The new trend is bound to generate a surging demand of outdoor goods and plastic products. According to Tianyancha data, there were more than 9,100 camping-related companies newly established in 2020, and more than 20,000 in 2021. Since 2022, more than 7,000 camping-related companies have been established.

As an injection molding solution provider, YIZUMI is committed to providing customers with cost-effective solutions, such as: Multipro solution for multi-component molding, PacPro solution for thin-wall packaging, and with representative machines like A5 Series Standard High-end Servo Injection Molding Machine and Dough Molding Compound (DMC) Injection Molding Machine. Those YIZUMI hit products can bring new opportunities for manufacturers of camping-related small household appliance, small furniture and tableware, also meeting higher requirement of cost control.

A5 Series Standard High-end Servo Injection Molding Machine

C Series High-end Multi-component Injection Molding Machine

PAC-K3 Series High Speed injection Molding Machine

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