The purpose of Yizumi’s R&D is based solely on the enhancement of productivity, lowering of costs and improvement of product efficiencies for its customers. As such, the research and development team has attained outstanding achievements.


More applicable and equally excellent in different fields

ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating molding solution

Yizumi’s two-platen injection molding machineUN500DP equipped with Smart Clamp system and InPUR “1+2” mold technology, can realizecost-effective and flexible ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating injectionmolding process; By accommodating the SpaceA flexible additive manufacturing system,“printing” a layer of sealing structure, the solution can achieve thecombination of large-scale injection molding manufacturing and customization.

DirectPro long fiber direct injection molding solution

UN1000DP two-platen injection molding machine is equipped with continuous fiber metering feeding device to realize long fiber direct injection molding process DIM, low fiber loss rate and high strength. It can replace fiber-reinforced engineering plastics and reduce raw material cost.

DCIM Process

Yizumi UN160A5-EU three-platen precise servo injection molding machine is equipped with DCIM system and precise measure equipment, combining with precise mold technology for coffee cup and PLA bio-degradable green materials, could realize economical and efficient poly component DCIM process. DCIM system is able to accurately compound 4 raw materials in real time, allocating dedicated screw to guarantee compounding effect and performance.


Yizumi FoamPro process contributes to automotive lightweighting and delivers part surface with high gloss and complicated patterns.


Back injection and in-mold graining is achieved through the combination of FoamPro and DecoPro processes, an upgraded solution for decorative functional car parts.


The OpticPro injection molding solution for optical applications is an exploratory innovation that can stably produce LSR (liquid silicone rubber) parts under a low-speed, low-pressure fully-auto mode. It is more widely applicable.


The MultiPro injection molding solution is capable of improving the molded part quality and reducing shrinkage. It is not only the process of molding different materials into one plastic part at one time, but also gives the parts various functions through in-mold assembly or other special in-mold processes, making smart manufacturing more excellent.


PacPro injection molding solution for thin-walled packaging can shorten the production cycle, enhance efficiency and brings high part quality and dimensional accuracy. With PacPro, 4 plastic drinking cups with in-mold labeling can be produced in a 3 second-cycle.

SpaceA Industrial Pellet 3D Printing

SpaceA Industrial Pellet 3D Printing can integrate different manufacturing processes such as Additive Manufacturing, Subtractive Manufacturing, Insert Integration and more; suitable for automotive, home appliances, construction and other industries to achieve personalized and automated small batch production.

Lightweighting upgrade

    With the increasing use of lightweight precision parts in automobile, semi-solid forming technology not only can give full play to the advantages of new materials, but also has the characteristics of compactness, high strength and small porosity, and meets the demand of lightweighting.

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