YIZUMI Exhibits at Plastex Uzbekistan 2022


A three-day exhibition, Plastex Uzbekistan 2022, will be held from 28th to 30th September 2022 in Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre Tashkent, Uzbekistan. YIZUMI with local agent, SEDIR FOREIGN TRADE LLC, will bring the injection molding machine UN9045 and its solutions to the exhibition.

Plastex Uzbekistan is an important marketing and trading exhibition in Central Asia, where it gathers subject matter experts from global. Meanwhile, the exhibition is strongly supported by the government of Uzbekistan. It is a platform that provides opportunities for exhibitors to directly face prospective buyers from Uzbekistan, Russia and other countries and regions in Central Asia.

In the booth of YIZUMI, not only does it display plastic products and brochures, it also uses the injection molding machine UN9045 to produce phone holders on site.  It is a great time for visitors to know more about how steady and efficiency the machine works.

The UN9045 belongs to A5 series standard high-end servo injection molding machine and its advantages contain good plasticization, low energy consumption and high stability. In the condition of standard molding, the precision of mold opening and closing can be controlled in ±0.2mm and the precision of products weight repeatability can be controlled in ≤5‰.

YIZUMI UN90A5 Injection Molding Machine on site

 Product: Phone Holder

Cavity: 2

Materials: ASB

Part Size: 80*80*17mm

Part Weight: 50g

Cycle Time: 40s

Uzbekistan is a country in economic stability, where it has rich natural resources with advantageous geographical location.

In recent years, Uzbekistan has greatly developed basic industries and modernization programs, especially constructions of building materials, electric cables, pipelines and so forth. Due to the situation, there are a variety of demands of rubber and plastic equipment which imports from other countries. It gives unlimited business opportunists for Chinese enterprises.

Currently, SEDIR FOREIGN TRADE LLC is the exclusive agency for the business of YIZUMI in Central Asia. It sets offices in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which provide sales and technical service for local and other countries in Central Asia. Therefore, headquarter of YIZUMI has already poured resources and tried network marketing in Central Asia for local market expansion.

2022 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Uzbekistan. In 30 years, the relations have had a full-scale and deep development. For YIZUMI, it is a distinct opportunity in view of the relations. In future, YIZUMI will provide more excellent, intelligent and energy-efficient injection molding machines to Uzbekistan and its neighboring countries and it will make great contributions to international molding industry.

*The Data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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