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  • China

    Headquarter, Shunde

    76 sales network

    53 urban accessory warehouses

    3 Prodution bases cover nearly 300,000 square meters

  • Asia & Oceania

    Indian Technical Center

    Vietnam Technical Center

    38 sales network

    2 Indian production bases

  • Europe

    Germany R&D Center

    Belgian Technical Center

    Germany Sales and Service Center

    21 sales service network

  • Africa & The Middle East

    7 sales network, Africa

    14 Service Centers, Mideast

    7 Service Centers, Africa

    14 Sales network, Mideast

  • America

    13 sales network

    American Technical Center

    American production base


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Customer satisfaction is our perpetual pursuit. Yizumi is always concerned with customer needs. To reduce downtime of customers’ machines, Yizumi’s service center has developed a complete set of service procedures based on a decade of experience, repairing customers’ machines with the shortest response time and improving the operation rate of customers’ machines.


More than 40 overseas authorized agents


Businesses span across more than 70 countries and regions


urban and regional service centers spread around the world

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Robotic Automation System Division

No.388, Nanxiang Road, Wujiang Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Email:dcsolutions@yizumi.com (sales)
dcmservice@yizumi.com (technical support)

+86-757-2926 5159 (sales)
+86-757-2926 5153 (technical support)