• Intelligentdie casting cell

    Intelligentintegration, Fully automated production

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  • Offer turnkey systems

    Focusedon industrial production processes, we provide turnkey solutions to include:robot automated intelligent manufacturing systems, peripheral equipment, andrelated technical support and services. Fulfill the demand for full automationproduction in the die-casting industry by offering a fully automated productionprocess to complete die-casting and post-casting related extracting, insertion,spraying, product cooling, Skim Bob removal, edges trimming, engraving,conveying and other processes. Suitable for a variety of die-casting productionlines.

  • Extraction and insertion robot system

    1.Standardextractor: Clamp force between 1340N-6300N. High stability;

    2.Productgripper: Product gripper can be custom made to fit the shape of the workpiece.The portions that are easy to scratch the workpiece employ special materials toprevent damages to the parts;

    3.Insertiongripper: The insertion gripper is custom-made according to the shape of theinsert. The insert is grabbed or released through the close and opening of thecustom-made claws. The teeth of the custom-made claws are equipped withinsert-specific positioning mechanism to prevent displacement and drop duringmovement. The soft float gripper can prevent the insert from getting stuckduring the operation.

  • Sprayer robot system

    1.Standardspraying: You may choose various models of atomizers with optimum sprayingdistance up to 360mm. Great atomization result and wide spraying range; Thespraying size of each atomizer can be turned up or down through the adjustingscrew. The nozzles can rotate freely for a wide coverage;

    2.Profilingspraying: Mold-specific surface profiling design for a high sprayingefficiency; Fewer pipelines and easy maintenance;

    3.Electrostaticspraying: Imported electrostatic sprayer micro-sprays oil-based mold releaseagent. Each mold needs only 5cc-10cc. Original liquid spraying with no mixingneeded. Eco-friendly waterless treatment. The electrostatic spraying ofoil-based release agent can reach up to 70-80% attachment rate, effectivelyimprove product yield. Electrostatic spraying of oil-based release agent doesnot need blow-drying. Depending on the product molds, spraying time can beshortened by one-third, greatly improving the productivity and mold life.

    ※The Data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference.The specific data please accord to the actual equipment.

  • Optional automated peripherals

    Providea full range of peripheral devices for die-casting automation to complete aseries of post-casting processing steps, including product cooling, Skim Bobremoval, gate removal, engraving and marking, conveying device, insertionfeeder, heading device and other production processes.


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