Yizumi Ushers in the First Molding Technology Conference


   YIZUMI CONNECT 2017, the first advanced molding technology conference held by Yizumi, opened in Shunde, China on November 16. The first edition of this historic event was themed on “Technology Connecting China and Europe” and in the future the event would be held every three years as a communication platform for the polymer and metal molding industry.  




   A 2500 sqm Exhibition Hall, More Than 20 Molding Solutions

   On November 16, the first day of the one-week YIZUMI CONNECT 2017, the organizer received more than 700 customers and media representatives. They visited the manufacturing plants for injection molding machines and die casting machines and the machine exhibition hall in the morning.

   The 2500 sqm exhibition hall was a showcase for more than 20 molding solutions dedicated to plastics, rubber, magnesium alloy and other materials, and innovative molding technologies such as multi-component injection molding, FoamPro foam injection molding and thixomolding. Those solutions could meet the needs of different sectors, including automobile, packaging, household appliance, medical and 3C product. In addition, the solutions demonstrated on site were networked for real-time monitoring of the production status, presenting smart manufacturing intuitively.  


   There were a total of nine injection molding machine solutions on display. One of them was a UN1000DP two-platen injection molding machine which employed world-leading technologies, including the high-performance SmartClamp system, aircraft level aluminum mold technology, alternating temperature technology and FLEXflow servo-driven valve-gated hot runner system to achieve MuCell technology-based FoamPro foam injection molding. Another automation solution was an FE260 all-electric injection molding machine that produced 16 spoons per cycle, with wall thickness of 1.0mm, high stability and the use of real-time monitoring and sorting function to ensure 100% QC pass rate of plastic parts. The UN260A5 high-end standard injection molding machine with a four-cavity mold was also a remarkable solution for cosmetic jars, delivering good plasticizing effect, low energy consumption and high stability.


   Three high-speed packaging systems, including the PAC450K, PAC200 and PET48-ECO were shown in the exhibition area. The PAC450K injection molding machine with 4 +4 stack molds could produce eight 1000ml thin-walled containers in 5 seconds. The PAC200 injection molding machine demonstrated in-mold labeling of four cups in 2.9 seconds per cycle, attracting visitors home and abroad.


   In the exhibition area of rubber injection solutions, the YL2-V250L / V300L Asian standards-based rubber injection machine was equipped with an upgraded system of version V4 so that there was better human-machine friendliness, more stable performance and more powerful functions. Communication module extension was available for barrier-free communication between MES and central control system. The exhibited YL2-H350F horizontal rubber injection machine was designed with the fixed three-balanced cylinder structure and “fist in, first out” plasticizing and injection system, delivering more injection stability and accuracy. Users could freely program the process flow according to different molding requirements.  

   In addition, the upgraded UN650MGⅡthixomolding machine was one of the highlights of the tech demonstration. Larger barrel assembly and injection system and optimized control software enabled the machine to produce larger thixomolded parts.  The optimized thixomolding machine was an attempt to open the auto parts market and laid a technical foundation for the development of larger machines in the future.


   In the exhibition area of automation integration, a 500T die casting cell integrated with peripherals achieved a highly automated production without manual work. Such an automation solution delivered stable production quality with high repeatability, low failure rate, shorter cycle time and higher production efficiency. The highly integrated post-processing of semi-finished die cast parts reduced space and transportation and achieved automation of machine and peripherals. The central control system provided complete data records for the whole die casting process and production process, with real-time monitoring and display.


   Injection Molding Technology Forum

   An injection molding technology forum was on the afternoon of November 16. It was a grand occasion where leaders from world-leading businesses and industry experts gathered to share top insights about the cutting-edge plastics technologies and development trends in the industry.


   Five experts, including Dr.-Ing. Arno Rogalla who was former chief engineer from IKV and partner of Yizumi, CEO and Founder of GK Concept Mr. Roger Kaufmann, Mr. Moreno Carvani from HRSflow, Yizumi CSO Dr.-Ing. Hans Wobbe and Yizumi Multi-component Machine Project Manager Mr. David Huang were invited to give enlightening presentations on Industry 4.0, lightweight technology, foam injection molding, multi-component injection molding and other hot topics and advanced processes. The presentations were followed by overwhelming response by the audience, and many of them initiated discussions with the speakers after the forum.



   In the evening, Yizumi held the 15th anniversary banquet in Sheraton Hotel, sharing the achievements of the past years and the vision of the future with thousands of industry leaders and elites.



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