YIZUMI CONNECT 2017 Ends Successfully


   YIZUMI CONNECT 2017, the first large-scale industry event for advanced molding technology held by Yizumi and started on November 16 finally came to an end on November 22. Nearly 1500 people, including Yizumi’s customers, partners and the media were invited to the event that was featured by rich content, sparkling highlights and widely recognized by the attendees.






   Four seminars, nearly 1,500 attendees


   YIZUMI CONNECT 2017 opened on November 16 and lasted for 7 days. During the event, four technical seminars for injection molding & packaging, die casting & robotic automation, rubber and supply chain were held. Representatives of well-known businesses, such as Silver Basis, Rifeng, Sunny, Guangdong Huwei, Nanhai Hanwen, FAW Foundry, Hongtu Technology, Great Wall Motor, Siemens and TE Connectivity and media professionals of the injection molding, die casting and rubber industries, a total of nearly 1,500 people attended the event.







   Polymer and metal forming equipment on show


   Yizumi specially set up a 2,500㎡ exhibition hall at its Wusha production base for the one-week event which was a showcase for various automation solutions to plastic and rubber molding, including FoamPro foamed briefcases, multi-component console cup holder parts, high-gloss car spoilers, automotive trunk gears, 1000ml disposable containers, small cups with IML, O-rings and brake diaphragms, covering automotive, medical, mobile phones, home appliances and other sectors.

   Yizumi also showed the assembly of a 4000T heavy-duty die casting machine and the self-developed robotic integrated system solution at its Ronggui production base, attracting numerous professional audiences.






   Four concurrent forums


   During November 16-18, Yizumi held four technical forums where more than 10 Chinese and European industry experts and business leaders gave keynote speeches, discussed the latest trends in the market and industry cooperation and exchanged ideas. Before every forum in the afternoon, Yizumi arranged a buffet lunch in Yizumi’s sports park so that the guests could enjoy the lakeside scenery and food at the same time.








   Connect China with Europe to explore the future


   Many participants at home and abroad gave high marks on YIZUMI CONNECT 2017, the first industry gathering held by Yizumi since it was established 15 years ago, and they looked forward to the second edition of the event 3 years later in 2020. "The purpose of this event is to connect Chinese and European advanced molding technologies and the industry ecosystem, to promote the progress of the industry together. In the future, we will continue to hold such a technical activity to create a communication platform for the industry,” said Richard Yan, Yizumi Managing Director.



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