Review of YIZUMI CONNECT 2017: Quotes from Injection Molding Technology Forum


On November 16, a number of technical experts and business leaders from Europe and China got together in the forum dedicated to injection molding industry at YIZUMI CONNECT 2017. They shared opinions on new processes and technologies and discussed how to work out simple and easy-to-use solutions for the future. Here are some of the quotes from the speakers’ presentations and dialogs.

Experts' Presentations

“With regard to Industry 4.0, the most important challenge for injection molding machine makers is what role human plays in the whole process flow.”

-- Dr.-Ing. Arno Rogalla, Former Chief Engineer from IKV and Partner of Yizumi

“The benefits of FoamPro technology are 15%-30% shorter cycle time and 30%-85% less warpage.”

-- Roger Kaufmann, CEO & Founder of GK Concept GmbH

“The purpose of FLEXflow hot runner system is to provide accurate, simple and flexible control of the pressure and flow during the injection process. The benefits are higher product quality and less non-conforming products.”

--Moreno Carvani, HRSflow Sales Support & Business Development

The final product determines what kind of machine the customer wants, how fast the machine should be and what kind of environment the machine needs. I suggest all engineers think about those questions. We have to think about our equipment from the perspective of application.”

-- Dr.-Ing.Hans Wobbe, Yizumi Chief Strategy Officer

Stability plays a key role in the evolution of an automated manufacturing process to an IT-based and smart process. Only with stability, automation is reliable and the IT-based analysis is effective.”

--David Huang, Yizumi’s Multi-component IMM Project Manager

VIP Talk

“How to handle the costs of joint R&D? One of our cooperation modes is patent sharing. Research and development of new technology definitely costs money, but patent sharing and cost allocation can reduce the pressure on each process.”

-- Liu Yongbin, Engineering Technology Director of Silver Basis

“For the investment in new technology, first, I think the market always has money and we can get investment return. Second, we have to cooperate in the same network. That is the only way to reduce risk.”

-- Dr.-Ing. Hans Wobbe, Yizumi Chief Strategy Officer

We need to leave the right of technology to the industry so that there will be better competitions and the costs will be lower. How to achieve it? In Europe, we cooperate and combine the technologies. The past 15 to 20 years prove that combined technologies do work.”

--Dr.-Ing. Torben, IKV Chief Engineer

“If an advanced solution has no adaptability to practical use, it will incur high costs and it will be very difficult for the business to apply such a solution. Yizumi hopes to combines advanced resources in the industry and realize a relatively low-cost leading solution in China, so that the solution is also more applicable.”

--Richard Yan, Yizumi CEO



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