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YIZUMI is not only a mid- and high-end molding equipment manufacturer, but also a leading molding equipment total solution supplier. By gathering global wisdom, we combine multiple professional capabilities and develop new ideas, to meet the customer demands, promote the technological progress, and achieve diversified product coverage and global operation. We are committed to providing more advanced molding equipment system solutions with better return on investment for global customers and strive to develop ourself into a world-class and respectable enterprise leading in scale and influence.
90,000 +
Machines operate successfully
200 million +
Average annual R&D investment
4000 +


As a benchmarking enterprise in equipment technology in China, we have established several business divisions for injection molding machine, die casting machine, rubber injection molding machine and robotic automation system, and achieved diversified development in equipment manufacturing. With global operation and more than 4,000 employees, our production bases are distributed globally, covering a total area of nearly 600,000 square meters.
of area covering at home and abroad

Industry Ranking Top Ranking in Industry

YIZUMI constantly improves its product and service quality and has always been on the forefront of industry with its technology platform starting at a high point, hitting an increase of 20% in the compound growth rate for the last five years.

IPO Success

On January 23, 2015, YIZUMI became the first molding equipment manufacturer listed on A Shares at the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300415).

Technological Breakthroughs

By introducing an integrated IPD product research and development management model, we have realized the upgrading and iteration of our products. With the constant investment in innovation, our R&D expense in 2023 has reached nearly RMB 200 million Yuan, achieving fruitful science research results, and attaining more than 400 patented technologies up to now. Other than that, we have also been administered as the vice president unit of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association (CPMIA) and have been appointed as the program implementation unit for National Advanced Technology Enterprise and National Torch Program. Besides boasting an enterprise technological and engineering center at the province level, we have also established research and development working hubs for those attaining their doctorate degrees.


Since its establishment in 2002, YIZUMI, as a benchmark enterprise in molding equipment technology in China, has been adhering to the idea of connecting China and Europe and keeps innovating. We sincerely hope to join hands with global customers and partners to embrace changes and bring more vitality.

YIZUMI Wins EcoVadis Silver, Cementing Green Development
YIZUMI CONNECT 2023 successfully ended and unveiled the new brand development strategy;
New brand image was shown at international exhibitions across the world, strengthing the brand's globalization;
YIZUMI Rubber Machinery was awarded the title of National "Little Giant";
8500T ultra-large injection molding machine and LEAP7000 ultra-large die casting machines successfully delivered;
YIZUMI was on the shortlist of China Quality Nomination Award of the 5th "China Quality Award";
YIZUMI opened new Technical Service Center in São Paulo, Brazil;
3200T Mg-Thixomolding machine strategic cooperation signed.
The Global Innovation Center was officially put into operation;
New India Gujarat Factory was officially opened;
YIZUMI LEAP series 7000T ultra-large die casting machine 7000T debuted and LEAP9000 strategic cooperation signed;
YIZUMI largest tonnage 8500T ultra-large injection molding machine released.
YIZUMI LEAP series die casting machines made their global debut.
YIZUMI Germany and YIZUMI Brazil were successively established;
YIZUMI purchased new land and started preparing the New India Gujarat Factory.
YIZUMI Vietnam was successfully established;
Mr. Stefan Fritsche was appointed as the CSO for Die Casting & Metal Forming.
Awarded Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion 2018.
YIZUMI Germany GmbH joined AZL and IKV of RWTH Aachen University;
India Gujarat Factory was officially put into operation;
Aachen R&D Center (Germany) was established;
U.S. Ohio Factory (HPM) was put into operation;
Won the 2017 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award.
Dr.-Ing. Hans Wobbe was appointed as the CSO of YIZUMI;
China Wusha No.2 Factory was officially put into operation;
YIZUMI India was established.
YIZUMI is the first A-share listed molding equipment enterprise in China.
Robotic Automation System Division was established.
China Wusha No.1 Factory and China Wujiang Factory went into operation;
High-Speed Packaging System Division was established.
YIZUMI successfully acquired HPM Corporation in the United States and set up North American R&D center.
Rubber Injection Machine Division was established.
YIZUMI was named as a Postdoctoral Programme;
Richard Yan was appointed as the CEO of YIZUMI with the first brand upgrading under his guidance.
Die Casting Machine Division was established.
The first batch of A series injection molding machine was successfully developed.
Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was established and the first YIZUMI injection molding machine was unveiled.


Annual advanced enterprise of scientific and technological innovation, enterprise with national intellectual property advantage, 2020 national leading enterprise in High-tech Zone, Foshan. YIZUMI is making use of the innovative technology to promote industry reform and is leading the high-quality development of the industry with a global vision.

China Patent Excellence Award
Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion Top 200
Technical Research Center of Suzhou City Robotic Automation System Integration Program
National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises
High-Tech Enterprise Certificate
Invention Patent Value of Equipment Manufacturing Group in Foshan City Top 10

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