What YIZUMI offers to our customers is more than just a die-casting machine
YIZUMI aims to become a world-class company in its field. From stand-alone die-casting machines to die-casting cells and overall solutions for die-casting factories, we always adhere to the concept of a customer-oriented approach, providing all-around services to our customers. We also provide training to our customers on operation and maintenance of die casting equipment, die casting mold, and die casting process, supporting the growth of our customers. We make it easier for them to use YIZUMI machines.

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HII-S Series High-end Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine(1000-5000T)

Based on customer experience worldwide of 9,800 installations, the YIZUMI HII-S series die casting machine is a full-scale upgrade from the original DM and H series die casting machines. Adhering to the matured, robust, easy-to-use technologies of YIZUMI's DM and H series die casting machines, the HII-S series die casting machine has been upgraded in all aspects from its appearance to the core die casting performance, allowing it not only to have more recognition and higher safety requirements in line with international standards but also more than 30% improvement in core die casting performance. It is suitable for producing various aluminum and magnesium die casting products, such as high-standard products for automobiles and telecommunication parts, high-precision 3C electronic products, building materials, and parts for household appliances.

LEAP Series Ultra-large Die Casting Machine

The ultra large tonnage die casting machine is tailor-made for the fast-growing new energy vehicle industry. It can be used for the production of ultra large die castings such as front cabin, rear floor, and the future CTC (cell to chassis) skate plate chassis of new energy vehicles. The components that previously required 70 parts now can be produced in one die casting process. We are not only an equipment manufacturer of large-scale die casting machines, but we can also work with our partners to provide total solutions for our customers. We offer ultra-large die casting product design, heat-treatment-free materials, ultra large die casting molds, as well as the engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of complete die casting production lines to ensure our customers make quality products.

LEAP Series Die Casting Machine

YIZUMI fully benchmarks against the performance and functions of world-class die-casting machines . Through the joint efforts of the international and domestic R&D teams with years of experience in the die-casting industry, we developed this series from concept to product, and have independent intellectual property rights in its technology. Yi-Cast real-time closed-loop injection system makes every injection with quality assurance. ORCA control system adopts the world's most advanced control technology and algorithm. The easy-to-use HMI enables the full digitalization of the die-casting machine. Supported by highly innovative servo + feedimng energy-efficient pump units, the machine has achieved higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
Key Technology
Control system

Re-designed Clamping System

Accurate control of any position mold opening. The repeatability accuracy of the mold opening position is up to ±1mm. It also offers clamping force detection and automatic mold adjustment features.

Highly Integrated Die-Casting Cells

It is possible to achieve plug-and-play and rapid adjusting of peripheral devices. HMI smoothly incorporates several types of information from auxiliary equipment. Die-casting process is visible and traceable due to the centralized control of digital island.

Yi-Cast Injection System

With AI self-learning function, it could realize full closed-loop real-time control of the pressurized injection to precisely control and monitor the process. Meanwhile, the patented technology of differential pressurized injection could realize slow and precise stable control to enhance the dynamic pressurized injection force.

ORCA Control System

Based on Yi-CastMaster functional assistance and multi-touch operation to reduce customer learning costs. The master AI core control algorithm, which is specifically design for die-casting island integrated control. Through visual graphic interface, easier HMI could be achieve.

The Unique Rapid Pump Feeding Technology for LEAP Machine

Patented servo compensation technique results in excellent productivity, energy savings, and precise control of the die-casting machine. This kind of technology could save energy by between 40 and 70%. The primary pump's lifespan is extended using energy compensation technology, which also results in a secondary energy savings of more than 5%.


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Exclusive | LEAP 7000T Delivered to Changan Auto
The highly anticipated delivery of two LEAP 7000T ultra-large die-casting machines by YIZUMI to the revered Changan Auto has great excitement throughout the industry on August 28.
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