Corporate Governance

  • Richard Yan /Chairman and CEO
  • Jinghua Liang /Vice Chairman
  • Tao Zhang /Deputy general manager
  • Chao Gao /Deputy general manager
  • Zhuokun Yu /Deputy general manager
  • Donghai Li
  • Liyao Chen
Board of supervisors
  • Jiancheng Wen /Chairman of the board of supervisors
  • Chunfeng Zhang /Supervisor
  • Hongyun Liang /Employee supervisor
Independent directors
  • Hezhi He
  • Xiaochun Yin
  • Qiyu Chen
  • Ge Yang

Stock Code:300415

A Company Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Date of Listing: January 23, 2015

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IR hotline: 0757-29262162, 0757-29262256

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Corporate Governance
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