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YIZUMI indicates that YIZUMI comes with endless vitality, wisdom, and creativity. The core competitiveness of YIZUMI is “people” and YIZUMI upholds a people-oriented enterprise culture. “Yi Ge” is the nickname of YIZUMI and its all employees and is also the ambassador of its unique corporate culture.

Learn and Develop

We believe that providing outstanding talents with a good development space and multidimensional practice opportunities can fully stimulate their potential to make more creative innovations.

Our Working Atmosphere

Pragmatic and efficient working style, encouraging innovation and creation
Fair and honest cooperation environment without any “title” priority
Diverse and inclusive working environment respecting individual differences and all kinds of backgrounds and qualifications

Taking Care of Your Life in An All-Round Way

We provide balanced meals and beautiful dormitory environment which allows you to invest your energy in more meaningful work; bonus + allowance + welfare, highly competitive salary system, five insurances and one housing fund, and supplementary accident insurance; all these welfares makes the company be your strong supporter; moreover, our company is also equipped with fitness facilities, football field, basketball court and other recreational venues, which can help employees work and live healthily and happily.

Family Care for Their Support and Accompany

We will prepare holiday gifts for Spring Festival and Mid-autumn Festival for you and your family members and keep every precious moment of yours in mind; in Children’s Summer Camp and Staff Open Day, we welcome your family members to visit YIZUMI where you make great achievements.

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