YIZUMI Sports Park

Since 2012, more than 40 million Yuan has been invested to construct the YIZUMI Sports Park and its sports facilities, which have actively made great contributions to its community to meet the demands for sports venues of the employees in the high-tech park and the villagers living nearby, retain the talents in the park, and create a harmonious industrial park.

Basketball court

When sports become a way of life, more YIZUMI's energy is brought out by integration of sports and public welfare.

Badminton court

Facilities meeting the standards of national sports events are provided, and outstanding ideas in public welfare vision and program planning are created.

Tennis court

Organic integration of sports venue and green space facilitate better relationship between man and nature.


During recent years, the core idea of "Care Culture" has been highlighted, and many different funds for employees have been established by YIZUMI to protect the rights and interests of employees, which serves as an epitome of YIZUMI's practice of "Care Culture".

Golden Senior Age Fund
Zhen Huanguang Bursaries Fund
Yige Mutual Assistance Fund
Established by volunteers form the senior management of YIZUMI, the "Golden Senior Age Fund" is not an administrative body of the company and fully respects the personal wills of all donors. All donated funds will be used for the cause of the company to support the aged employees. In August 2013, a contribution of more than 300,000 Yuan from the senior leaders was made as the principal for the operation of this Fund.
Zhen Huanguang Bursaries Fund was initiated with 100,000 RMB donated by Zhen Huanguang, the father of Yizumi CEO Richard Yan. Its mission is to assist students who are excellent both in conduct and learning and family members of Yizumi employees that have financial difficulty, so that they can successfully finish college. The Fund also encourages the aid-receiving students to be positive, enterprising, independent and self-reliant and to develop the awareness of giving back to society.
The Employee Mutual Assistance Fund is a non-administrative organization founded by passionate employees from every division of the company, with donations used for special purpose only. The Fund advocates mutual assistance and camaraderie among employees, caring and helping the employees and their family members who suffer unexpected personal injuries, accidents, severe illnesses and financial difficulties due to emergencies and accidents by offering emergency financial aid for their treatment and life. The Fund is aimed to immediately meet the pressing needs of employees in hardship.

Social Activities

YIZUMI has been keen on public welfare and charity activities: As an initiator of the Foshan Public Welfare and Charity Alliance, it actively bears social responsibilities and makes every effort to participate in the public welfare and charity activities of its community and park.

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YIZUMI Sports Park
Social Activities