Yizumi introduces innovations to Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2018



Yizumi introduces innovations to Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2018

The 31st Plastics & Rubber Indonesia, a long-established international trade show dedicated to plastics and rubber industries was held in Indonesia during November 11-14. Yizumi paid great attention to this traditional event and showed two injection molding machines with on-site demonstration of automated production.

One of Yizumi’s exhibits is the UN260C-BTP multi-component injection molding machine from the C series, a new product line developed this year. It is capable of improving the molded part quality and reducing shrinkage with the use of multiple processes. The C series can mold multi-color parts and give them various functions through in-mold assembly or other special in-mold processes. The C series highlights the coordinated application of different technology, for example, the balanced force clamping technology, which minimizes possible flashes and delivers high molding accuracy and stability. The magnetically-levitated turntable technology results in less frictional loss and the digital closed loop positioning technology quickens the response and enhances the positioning accuracy. During the exhibition, the UN260C-BTP machine produced 400ml two-component cups made from PCTG and ABS with cycle time of 60 seconds.  

Yizumi also showed a 500D1 two-platen injection molding machine which produced high-end auto parts to demonstrate its high efficiency and stability. Both two injection molding systems attracted a large number of visitors and made Yizumi stand out in this comprehensive event.

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