Zhejiang FLY HIGH Holding Group Co., Ltd: The World’s Largest Aluminum Radiator Manufacturer



Zhejiang FLY HIGH Holding Group Co., Ltd: The World’s Largest Aluminum Radiator Manufacturer

Yongkang, also known as the “China’s Town of Hardware”, is the home of the Zhejiang Wisdom Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. - the world’s largest aluminum radiator supplier. Zhejiang Wisdom is a core enterprise of the Zhejiang FLY HIGH Holding Group Co., Ltd. The company makes more than 20million pieces of radiators annually, representing 30% of global aluminum radiator market. In addition, it maintains an annual growth rate of 30%,continuously holding its leading position in the industry.  

How does Zhejiang Wisdom become the world’s No. 1 in the fierce competition? Group General Manager, Mr.Xiao Haibo believes that the enterprise’s optimal cost strategy is the key to this success, “Our goal is crystal clear - that is to produce the world-class products at the lowest total cost, to deliver the products quickly, and to create value continuously for our customers.”

The secret of “Wisdom Speed”: Optimal cost strategy

To achieve the optimal cost, Zhejiang Wisdom’s approach is to optimize the cost and productivity of die-casting process. When the industry was commonly using 1000T die-casting machine and 2-cavity mold to manufacture radiators, Wisdom achieved 2-cavity mold manufacturing with 800T die-casting machine by improving the product structure and optimizing the die-casting processes, thus reducing the cost.  

As to the die-casting core equipment -- die-casting machine,Wisdom has its own tricks. “The radiators are characterized by the 0.6mm thinblades. Therefore, we need the equipment with high explosive power.” Yizumi’sdie-casting machine dedicated to aluminum radiator was selected by Zhejiang Wisdom with its actual shot speed higher than 5m/s. It can produce 2 blades in a 40-second molding cycle with the 2-cavity mold. A single set of equipment can produce over 4,000 blades daily with a yield higher than 97%.

Compared to the 50-second molding cycle with 2-cavity molds in the industry, the unit time output of Zhejiang Wisdom is undoubtedly higher than others. As we learned, the company can now produce 80,000 blades per day, two times higher than the 30,000 average daily output in the industry. Wisdom’s advantages in cost and production scale are obvious. As a result, it created the stunning “Wisdom Speed.”  In 2014, the company’s new facility in Yongkang started to operate, expanding the production capacity rapidly to anannual output of 20 million blades.  

New Goal: To be the No. 1 supplier for the grill machine industry

After the great success in the aluminum radiator market, Zhejiang Wisdom also encountered the bottle neck of the enterprise development. In recent years, it has been seeking new opportunities as the new breakthrough points and diversifies its business. In 2013, by successfully establishing strategic relationship with the domestic small appliance giant, SUPOR, and the French small appliance giant, SEB Group, it entered the field of small household appliances, exploring the die-casting market for household frying and grilling appliances. In 2016, it started R&D on the household frying and grilling units, and quickly developed 15 models of 3 major types of home appliances,including the tabletop BBQ grill, deep pot fryer, and double-sided heating baking pan. These new products are well received by the customers world wide after their successful introduction to the market.  

In the future business landscape of Wisdom, the development space of small household appliances is expected to exceed the aluminum radiator business. As Mr. Xiao Haibo said, “The social demand for small home appliance is strong. Our company is currently at a stage of rapid growth. Currently, it can make over10,000 cooking pots daily with a monthly production capacity of more than300,000. Orders are continuously increasing.”  

The rapid rising pattern of small appliance business is similar to the development of aluminum radiators: by starting with the die-casting technology, minimizing the total  production cost, ensuring the product quality and productivity,taking the advantage of scale production, and delivering fast, distance the company from the peer enterprises and stand out from the crowd rapidly. Looking ahead, Zhejiang Wisdom has a clear vision. Mr. Xiao Haibo says, “We will continue to increase the investment in small household appliances, including investment in R&D and die-casting machines. We will strive to be the No. 1 manufacturer in the frying and grilling business.”

“We want our products to stay competitive. If the equipment performance cannot meet the standard or operate stably, then the products will lose their advantages. The die-casting machines made by Yizumi meet our requirements in terms of shot speed, cycle time, and operating stability.Especially the ability to complete the 2-cavity molding within 30 seconds, it offers higher productivity than the peer manufacturers. Yizumi’s die-casting machine allows us to find the optimal parameter configuration in the molding of radiators, and ensures the product quality and production efficiency.”

——Xiao Haibo, General Manager of Zhejiang Wisdom Industry &Trade Co., Ltd.

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