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Solution for Thick-Wall Light Guide


Special equipment for thick-wall light guides features a clean-room automation unit to ensure high light transmittance and yield of products.


· Equipped with a special screw and barrel assembly for the molding of thick-wall light guides to ensure good plasticizing quality and high light transmittance of products.

· Equipped with a special power system for thick-wall light guides to achieve precise control of the high pressure and low speed processes.

· Equipped with a clean-room automation unit to prevent the surrounding dust from polluting the mold and production environment to improve the product yield.


Product: Automotive light guide block

Cavity: 2

Material: PC

Size (L×W×H): 340*96mm

Weight: 330/pc

Cycle time: 260s

* All the data herein come from Yizumi's factory. Please check the data of the actual customized equipment.

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