YIZUMI Heavy-duty Die Casting Factory Starts Construction



It can meet the production requirement of 20,000-tons ultra-large machines.

Recently, the YIZUMI heavy-duty die casting factory construction is officially started and expected to be completed in October 2022.

Meeting the production requirement of ultra-large machine up to 20,000 tons clamping force, the annual output can reach 100 units of such range of machines.

The new mega die casting factory is located in Wusha, Shunde, covering an area of about 23,000 square meters. It is mainly used for the manufacturing of ultra-heavy die casting machines. Equipped with 300-tons cranes, the factory can meet the production requirements of ultra-large die casting machines up to 20,000-tons clamping force.

The annual capacity of this mega factory could reach 100 units of large and ultra-large die casting machines, and the annual turnover is expected to exceed CNY 1 billion in order to meet customers’ needs in the global market.

In addition, PPAC (Product & Process Application Center) will be moved into the new mega die casting factory. It can meet the testing requirements of die casting machines ranging from 800T to 3500T. Meanwhile, it offers try-out for ultra-heavy die casting parts with upgraded inspection equipment. The Center connects customers worldwide to provide a wide range of services, including try-out, process optimization, new material application and staff training.

Focusing on new energy vehicles R&D in ultra-large die casting machines.

In recent years, new energy vehicles and "integrated large die casting" have become a hot topic in the industry. Integrated large die-casting technology stands out due to its advantages in lightweight, environmental protection, cost reduction, etc. The die-casting industry has entered the "ultra-large die-casting era", followed by overall equipment and technology innovation.

With years of technology accumulation, YIZUMI has carried out market-oriented new product development process. Since the breakthrough of critical performance of the LEAP series machines in 2021, YIZUMI continues to expand the machine tonnage in the direction of ultra-heavy die casting machines. By addressing the requirements and pain points of ultra-heavy die castings, YIZUMI intensely studies the part design, manufacturing, new alloy, integration and process development in close collaboration with professional partners. Now, YIZUMI has become an overall solution provider to meet the production requirement of ultra-large structural parts as well as battery housings in the field of new energy vehicles from part concept to final production, and striving to promote the application of integrated ultra-large die casting solution.

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