Yizumi reaches collaboration deal with German robotics company Franka Emika



Yizumi reaches collaboration deal with German robotics company Franka Emika

Yizumi and Franka Emika, a German robotics company, has signed a collaboration agreement, officially establishing a cooperation relationship. According to the agreement, Yizumi will be the authorized distributor of Franka Panda, a world-renowned co-robot in Chinese market. Additionally, YIZUMI will also develop an in-depth R&D and collaboration in various application fields.



“Panda”, one of the Best Innovations of 2018 by TIME Magazine joining Yizumi’s product portfolio

Located in Munich, Germany, Franka Emika is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. It is the first robotics solution supplier in the world that was awarded the “out-of-the-box” and CE logos.

The co-robot of Franka Panda can move freely in 7 axes and possess various features such as artificial intelligence, learning and interactive abilities. The key advantage lies on the fact that the clients do not need to do any programming. Through the guidance of gestures and touchscreen operation, it can be set up in a minute or two to complete complex tasks.

(At the Hannover Messe in Germany in 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto operated co-robot Franka Panda)

In 2017, the team of Franka Emika has been awarded the prestigious German Future Prize 2017 presented by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Germany.

In 2018, Franka Emika received the Best Innovations of 2018 by TIME Magazine, making it to the cover of the iconic TIME Magazine. Moreover, it also received the German Innovation Prize 2018 and German iF Design Prize 2019.


 The successful authorization for Yizumi to become the distributor in China by Franka Emika not only enables Yizumi to provide the co-robot solutions developed by Franka Emika to the customers in different markets and industries, it also provides the corresponding software and hardware solutions, applications, services and consultation.




Online sales to begin, the prospect of Co-robot can be expected


(Yizumi executives visited Franka Emika in 2018)

The market for Co-robots is an emerging market in the world. By the year 2025, the sales revenue of co-robots in the world will increase to nearly US$ 12 billion from US$120 million in 2015. It would be a great leap of over 100 times, almost equivalent to the overall sales revenue of industrial robots in the world in 2015. Meanwhile, Franka Emika is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in this field.

Yizumi’s Robot Automation System General Manager, Dou Feng said: “The co-robots have an unlimited potential in various application fields. Not only in the industrial fields, it also generates huge demands in non-industrial fields. We are very honored to reach a collaboration agreement with Franka Emika. Under such agreement, we would be able to promote its cutting-edge products in China. I strongly believe that we can provide a new paradigm shift and market prospect together for different industries under our collaboration agreement.”

Yizumi has begun selling the co-robot, Frank Panda, on its online platform. Meanwhile, Yizumi has also developed the applications, service consultation and guidance for the customers. The future potential for the collaboration between Yizumi and Franka Emika looks bright.

As of now, on top of providing industrial automation system solutions for the molding and special manufacturing fields, Yizumi’s Robotic Automation System is further expanding its service boundary, covering different customers and applications to meet more customized needs.

To find out about Franka Emika and its products, please contact:

Yizumi Robotic Automation Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Email: duwk@yizumi.com

Part of the article is from :https://www.franka.de/

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