YIZUMI Is on the Shortlist of China Quality Nomination Award of the 5th "China Quality Award"


On September 22nd, Yizumi Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YIZUMI) is on the shortlist of the China Quality Nomination Award, as a result of its outstanding achievements in quality management and excellence in performance management. This recognition comes through a vote by the Evaluation Sub-Committee of the China Quality Award and highly recognized by the secretariat of the China Quality Award Selection and Commendation Committee. The award signifies that YIZUMI's quality management has reached a national-level pinnacle.

China Quality Award is the highest quality-related award organized by Chinese government authorities, known for its authority and fairness. It was proposed by the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and established with the approval of the State Council. The selection process involves voluntary application, formal review, document evaluation, expert review, presentation and defense, on-site assessment, a vote during the Evaluation and voting by the selection and commendation committee at its plenary meeting, and final approval by the AQSIQ Director's Office, among other steps.

As the highest national honor in the quality field in China, China Quality Award consists of China Quality Award and China Quality Nomination Award, which are evaluated every two years. The purpose of China Quality Award is to recognize organizations and individuals who have achieved significant innovative achievements in the fields of quality management models, management methods, and management systems. It serves as a benchmark for quality management in various industries in China.

YIZUMI has a mission of "Global expertise - Solutions for the world", with quality being regarded as the lifeline of YIZUMI. Since the introduction of the Excellence in Performance Management model in 2012, YIZUMI has developed the "Yi+" turnkey solution quality management model. Through years of practical experience and refinement of the Excellence in Performance Management system, it has evolved into the "Digital and Intelligent Management" industrial ecosystem quality management model.

The model is based on the "6-3-3 Information Platform", which consists of 6 major operational platforms, 3 integrated platforms and 3 global infrastructure platforms and the "Molding Equipment IIOT Platform". It applies the principles of Porter Diamond Theory, integrating people, the ecological environment, and industrial in depth. It builds internal capabilities via YIZUMI Corporate Culture, Collaborative Innovation, Digital and Intelligent Management, and Smart Manufacturing driving for high-end equipment, green development, digital empowerment and industrial clusters. It aims to achieve symbiosis and interdependence in the industrial ecosystem along the entire value chain under the framework of digital intelligent operations.

"Digital and Intelligent Operation" industrial ecosystem quality management model

As a chain leader in the industrial chain, YIZUMI has consistently been proactive in building a closed-loop data system for the industrial chain and supply chain, creating a green integrated supply chain system. The company has implemented the "Digital and Intelligent Operation" industrial ecosystem quality management model, achieving key performance indicators result at an internationally leading advance level. YIZUMI continuously introduces intelligent products, to promote the downstream intelligent process.

Being shortlisted for the China Quality Nomination Award of the 5th "China Quality Award" is the recognition of the Chinese government for YIZUMI's achievements in quality management. In the future, YIZUMI will continue to make persistent efforts, actively implement the policies and measures of the government under the national goal of "Manufacturer of advanced and quality products". In its future development, YIZUMI will persist in quality management, independent innovation, continuously enhance its technological capabilities, and aspire to become a world-class enterprise in the field of molding equipment.

Introduction of YIZUMI

YIZUMI was founded in 2002 and listed successfully on the A-share market in 2015 (Stock Code: 300415). As a benchmark in the field of molding equipment, it establishes several business divisions covering injection molding machines, die casting machines, rubber injection molding machines, high-speed packaging systems, and robotic automation systems, etc.

In line with its development strategy, YIZUMI uses the "Global Innovation Center" as a platform to gather talent and R&D resources from both domestic and international sources. It combines European and Chinese technologies and consistently adheres to the concept of independent innovation. YIZUMI vigorously researches and develops core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, such as the 8500T ultra-large injection molding machine and the LEAP9000T ultra-large die-casting machine, which are industry-leading advanced manufacturing equipment. It continuously achieves breakthroughs in new products and new technologies, thus realizing rapid and substantial development.

Following its global operation strategy, YIZUMI now has built manufacturing bases in China and abroad with a total area of around 600,000㎡, including factories in Gaoli, Wusha and Wujiang in China, Gujarat in India and Ohio in USA, to achieve a digital factory capable of 24-hour continuous production, similar to a flagship factory.

Relying on its three major strategies of "product, operations, globalization", YIZUMI has successively earned various honors and titles, including being designated as a national-level Torch Program project implementation unit, a national demonstration enterprise for intellectual property rights, a recipient of the National Patent Award, a national green factory, and a national green supply chain management enterprise. Additionally, the company has received recognition such as the Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award, the 2017 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award, Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion 2018.

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