Zhang Tao: Create Opportunities to Achieve the Strategic Goal


Making careful considerations, thorough plans, and strategic preparations for future sustainable growth is YIZUMI's operating wisdom.

YIZUMI just set out its vision of "To be a world-class molding equipment solution provider" at YIZUMI CONNECT 2023 in April.

In this regard, Mr. Zhang Tao (James Zhang), the deputy managing director of Yizumi Holdings Co., Ltd. (YIZUMI) and general manager of the injection molding machine division said, "After 20 years of rapid development, YIZUMI has continuously improved its product quality and service level, and has always been at the forefront of the industry with strong technical know-how, which have greatly boosted our confidence and created limitless possibilities for achieving our vision."

Highlights from Mr. Zhang Tao's speech at YIZUMI CONNECT 2023

Penetrate into the market changes, and firmly seize the initiative of development

YIZUMI begins a new 20 years in 2023. After 20 years of development, YIZUMI has built a comprehensive product portfolio of injection molding machine, including three-platen servo hydraulic, all-electric, two-platen and multi-component series. With this advantage, how to provide better services and create more value to customers, and build core competitiveness in the industry are main points at issue that we should take into consideration in making strategic planning.

To this end, we determine to upgrade to a system integrator, or to build an ecosystem based on injection molding machines, including main engine, mold, automation and information systems, etc. to provide customers with an overall turnkey solution. And we believe that this transformation will effectively promote the improvement of our technology.

"Our key aim in adjusting product structure will be to provide better cost-effective solution for global customers while adhering to further technological advances." As one of the executives of Injection Molding Machine Division, Mr. Zhang Tao has his own distinctive perspectives on the future development of the industry.

He analyzed: "China will continue to hold a prominent position in the global manufacturing sector over the next five years and will continue to be the world's most important market for polymer molding equipment for a long time. However, the old manufacturing modes, such as labor-intensive and handicraft sectors, will be unsustainable, as China's economic growth mode is shifting. And the manufacturing industry should shift into a high-quality growth mode to meet customers' needs in the Chinese market."

Compared to the Chinese market, other worldwide markets are going through significant changes and adjustments. The COVID-19 epidemic has had an unprecedented impact on industrial and supply chains worldwide in the past few years. Moreover, the energy expenses of manufacturing companies in Europe have greatly increased as a result of the energy crisis, and numerous manufacturing sectors are struggling with issues like changing the energy structure and increasing energy effectiveness.

YIZUMI China Wusha No.3 Factory

YIZUMI India Gujarat Factory

In response to these adjustments, we should concentrate on product technology research and development, operational efficiency enhancement, and the development of global customer service system to comprehensively improve our capacity to serve global customers and seize the new opportunities presented by the market pattern changes, and the adjustment of the industry development mode.

Execute every task steadily, and improve our core competencies

YIZUMI will adhere to the direction of its strategic planning, and go forward to its goal of ranking in the top five globally for injection molding machines. This new strategy goal not just contains key indicators to guide YIZUMI's future growth, but also defines the strategic direction of our development over the next few years. Therefore, we will pay special attention to this strategy, execute every task steadily and improve our core competencies.

In the future, YIZUMI will focus on advancing organizational reform that brings the marketing service system closer to customer and market needs, continuously enhance integrated product development (IPD), and achieve the goal of "comprehending the needs of product and technology development from customers, and evolving our businesses in response to customers' feedback".

At the same time, recognizing market needs and industry development trends, compiling product and technical roadmap planning, new technology and new process white books, ensuring investment in R&D costs and staff, developing new products and new technologies as planned are essential factors for YIZUMI to win customers and the market with technical and product innovation, and add more value to the customers.

With the help of the lean manufacturing system, we are able to internally develop and enhance an all-round digital quality management system, and create highly reliable products to gain customers' trust. Additionally, we will continue to support the development of global marketing service system, enhance technical assistance and customer service throughout the whole product life cycle, and comprehensively improve the quality of both our products and customer services to raise customer satisfaction.

Mr. Zhang Tao emphasized: "We must offer prompt, effective customer service, swiftly deliver equipment to customers and rapidly respond to their needs regardless of where the customers are. And this is not only the requisite for market development, but also an important reason why YIZUMI now has a big market share and gains currency among customers."

Snapshots of YIZUMI at exhibitions in 2022

In addition, we should create a competitive supply chain and strive for perfect product delivery. And now, the integrated supply chain (ISC) project is going on smoothly. YIZUMI aims to achieve supply chain system restructuring and overall competitiveness improvement in three years, as well as perfect product delivery capability worldwide and new competitive advantages.

Focus on green science and technology innovation, and explore new form of circular economy

In the exploration of connecting the advanced molding technology of China and Europe, YIZUMI has consistently developed a number of cutting-edge innovative processes and technologies, leading the development of the industry.

YIZUMI 8500-ton ultra-large injection molding machine

In the past few years, injection molding processes for lightweight polymer material parts like FoamPro, FoamPro-Chem, WITPro, DirectPro-DIM, and others have been developed consecutively, which means that we have the capability to offer customers turnkey solutions in relevant fields.

Green science and technology innovation is one of the important development directions of technology and equipment of polymer processing and molding and also one of YIZUMI's focus areas, which supports our technology and product innovation in this field. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of the polymer material’s molding process and the entire product lifecycle through the innovation to jointly address with the environmental impact of polymer materials and the challenge of global climate change.

To improve customers' energy efficiency, all of our injection molding machine product lines should continue to research and develop industry-leading energy-saving technologies and products, reduce the unit energy consumption of plastic products, and achieve intelligent detection and optimization of energy consumption in the production process of equipment.

If polymer materials can be recycled after fulfilling their roles, the negative impact of waste polymer materials on the environment and the overall consumption of polymer materials will be greatly reduced. YIZUMI also researches and develops relevant technologies and products to contribute to the circular economy and create new growth opportunities for ourselves.

In addition, polymer materials, especially disposable plastic goods, have a significant impact on environment. For this, the use of environmentally friendly alternative materials, including expanding the use and application of degradable materials, is becoming a crucial industry development in the field of disposable products, and also needs the development of molding technology and related molding equipment.

"All these emphasis of our work are requisites for accomplishing our development goals. Additionally, YIZUMI will keep advancing our market promotion and application of these technologies to make products lighter, use less materials, and produce better-quality products." Mr. Zhang Tao emphasized that "To offer organization safeguard to achieve major tasks and respond to more challenges, we should introduce and develop talents, and continually increase organizational capacity."

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