YIZUMI New Brand Image Unveiled at CHINAPLAS 2023


On April 17th, CHINAPLAS 2023 was held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. As a premier plastics and rubber industry exhibition in Asia, CHINAPLAS 2023 is committed to discovering cutting-edge technologies in the rubber and plastics industry and promoting the entire supply chain for ensuring a smooth connection between supply and demand. It plays a platform role in promoting the high-quality development of the rubber and plastics industry.

Compared with previous, the total exhibition area of CHINAPLAS 2023 had hit a new record which is up to 380,000 square meters, an increase of 8.6% compared to CHINAPLAS 2021. YIZUMI IMM booth (Booth No: 12J41), with a booth area of 500 square meters, is the largest booth area ever by YIZUMI at CHINAPLAS.

Meanwhile, YIZUMI displays a new brand image at CHINAPLAS 2023, with a new logo and brand connotations. On the basis of inheriting the classic corporation elements, the new logo is used a flat design to illuminate YIZUMI's new concept of“Sustainable, innovative technology for humankind”, and conveys YIZUMI's determination to go international to global customers.

At CHINAPLAS 2023, YIZUMI presents sets of advanced injection molding solutions and intelligent manufacturing solutions. The solutions focus on industrial application for automotive, medical, packaging and optical device molding. Based on two-platen machine, all-electric machine, multi-component machine, and PAC series high-speed packaging machine, these solutions focus on the application needs of industry customers and integrate different parts such as host equipment, molds, automation, and product testing. The technical unit provides competitive solutions, which will improve product technology and performance, and help customers transform and upgrade.

In recent years, carbon neutrality, circular economy, and sustainable development have become key topics for the development of the plastics industry and even society as a whole. At CHINAPLAS 2023, YIZUMI participates in the exhibition with the tagline of "Think Tech Forward", which represents the important direction in the development of new technologies and processes.

Thumb up for YIZUMI

Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy General Manager of YIZUMI and General Manager of the Injection Molding Machine Division, introduced: “New development opportunities for the manufacturing industry have been brought by the goals of 'sustainable development' and 'dual carbon'. Grasping the development trend, YIZUMI will increase the research and development of technology, products and new material molding processes in related fields, build a sustainable development technology system that meets customers and industry applications and molding equipment solutions under the energy-saving and low-carbon manufacturing mode. At the same time, YIZUMI will actively participate in the formulation of relevant industry and national standards, and make contributions to the sustainable and low-carbon development of the industry in the future."

About CHINAPLAS 2023, Mr. Zhang Tao said: "CHINAPLAS is one of the biggest international exhibitions held in China. For this, we have brought some of the company's new products and new processes. We hope that we can have a chance for face-to-face communication and exchanges with customers from different industries and countries, and jointly discuss the best solutions for industry applications and customer needs, so as to better serve global customers.”

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