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FF200 Electric Injection Molding Machine


Optical products such as LED beads have stringent quality standards. They have to pass the light efficiency, transparency, and other testing for optical products. The appearance of the product must be clean, free of yellowing, black spots, bubbles, flow marks, dragging marks, and other defects.The total solution of the FF series all-electric injection molding machine can produce optical type ofproducts with high quality. Its injection unit employs a component that combines the DSC (Direct Servo Control) technology with a special barrel for optical product, which can better fulfill the strict requirements of LED beads and other optical products.


01 With a fully automatic laser cutting system, it has achieved automation throughout the entire process of automatic gate cutting and product separation, weighing, packaging, and bag sealing, forming an advanced unmanned production line.

02 By adopting a smart clamping force management system(SCFM), it can intelligently perform injection, energy consumption monitoring, and mold temperature control.

03 It can achieve repeatability of product weight: ≤1‰ , and repeatability of injection ending point: ≤±0.05.

04 Meet the Class A energy efficiency requirements with the EU Class-8 energy consumption level (≤0.4kW•h/ kg).

When equipped with the Yi+ Platform intelligent manufacturing platform, it enables digital control of the whole production scene to better solve management pain points in production, quality, equipment, and molds.

05 The intelligent energy consumption monitoring system can monitor the power consumption of each molding cycle and calculate its electricity cost in real-time. It helps customers to accurately understand and control the energy consumption and cost of each product.

Application Case

Product: LED beads

Number of cavities: 128

Material: PMMA

Size (L×W×H): Transparent

Weight: 0.64g

Cycle time: 30-35s

*The Data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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