YIZUMI Debuted at EUROGUSS with the Latest Technology



The EUROGUSS exhibition was officially opened to the public on June 8 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in Germany. YIZUMI is proud to participate in the exhibition.

The EUROGUSS exhibition was officially opened to the public on June 8 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in Germany. YIZUMI is proud to participate in the exhibition.

Euroguss is the biggest and most important trade fair for the die casting industry in Europe and even around the world. At the exhibition, YIZUMI introduced the state-of-the-art LEAP die casting technology with our innovative ORCA control system. Furthermore, we showed highlights of our HII-S series cold chamber die casting machine featuring high-performing injection capabilities and the energy-saving YIZUMI hydraulic drive system. We explained to visitors how our innovative technology can help customers achieve a leap in production efficiency.

Launched by YIZUMI in July2021, the LEAP series is a flagship product benchmarking advanced internationaltechnology. LEAP series die casting machines have been first introduced at theCHINA DIECASTING exhibition in Shanghai and NADCA exhibition in the UnitedStates. Now the LEAP die casting technology starts its European trip, makingits first appearance at EUROGUSS.

At the exhibition, the LEAP injection system + HMI (Human Machine Interface) grabbed the attention of the exhibition visitors. The new generation LEAP series features a state-of-the-art injection system, a modern control system with intuitive graphic display, a robust clamping system and innovative energy-saving hydraulic drive group, benchmarking top-class European die-casting machines. Standardized DISPO interfaces allow stable and efficient cell integration with any peripheral standards popular with European customers. With the characteristics of energy saving, innovation and safety, it is a competitive product built for high-end customers and markets. LEAP series die-casting machines can fulfill the requirements of semi-solid metal casting, magnesium alloy and aluminum alloys for high-end auto parts such as engine block, transmission housings and structural parts.

Since the launch of the YIZUMI H series die casting machine in 2016, the machine has won recognition from many customers around the world with its superior performance. Based on the detailed study and analysis of the die casting process and close collaboration between the YIZUMI R&D team and selected European die casting experts, YIZUMI launched its second generation of H series, the HII-S die casting machine.

The upgraded HII-S series cold chamber die casting machine significantly improved injection performance reliability and repeatability. A re-engineered closing unit brought higher overall equipment stability and enhanced cycle time. While the increased platen rigidity supports a longer tool service life. Our brand-new HII series provides customers with more precise injection control and higher repeatability in order to meet international casting quality standards with a competitive OEE.

The on-site printing caught the attention of people interested in cutting-edge technologies.

Machine: SpaceA-900E-500-S

Product: Pen holder (print on metal sheet)

Material: carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide(PA6+CF)

Print time: 10 minutes

Heating time: 5 minutes

SpaceA industrial 3D printers have been focusing on energy conservation, emission reduction and rapid manufacturing. It provides a simpler, faster and more competitive method for small and medium-scale production compared with other plastic additive manufacturing and plastic molding processes. SpaceA industrial 3D printer offers a great deal of benefits, bringing more possibilities for the fields of sports, automotive, home appliances, handicrafts, construction, fixtures, etc.

At the exhibition, the YIZUMI team introduced brand new products and technologies to customers in detail.

YIZUMI is committed to providing the best cost-effective solutions based on leading technology to our customers. For more information, please come and visit us at the YIZUMI booth: 330 in hall 9, and follow the latest news on YIZIMI LinkedIn and Facebook.

*The Data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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