K2022 Ends Today but We Will Meet Again Next Edition


On October 26th (local time), the 8-day K 2022 officially comes to an end in Düsseldorf, Germany. Hundreds of well-known manufacturers in the industry have brought the visitors an 8-day sensory feast with pioneering innovations and technologies.

YIZUMI shines in the exhibition with high-end rubber injection machines, such as the YL-C50F C-frame series, YL-H200F horizontal series and YL3-V440L European series. These state-of-the-art machines have drawn a big crowdand impressed thousands of visitors there. Many visitors have had in-depth communication with our team and have formed a good relationship with YIZUMI.

In this exhibition, YIZUMI has showcased the machines that integrate its latest technologies in recent years with the needs of European customers. The performance and quality of the models are next to the local brands, and will slash the total cost of ownership of customers.

The European market has always been one of the main overseas markets of YIZUMI. After years of development, YIZUMI have accumulated a large number of high-end local customers. They have given their valuable feedback and suggestions after use, which helps us have a further knowledge of the European market, especially their needs for customization and industrial intelligence.

With the increasing degree of industrialization in the field of rubber injection molding in Europe, the demand for automation and intelligence is surging. In the future, YIZUMI will provide customers with better cost-effective solutions for technological innovation based on its R&D center in Germany and the advanced technologies from Germany and Italy.

YIZUMI has always devoted to making the production and management of rubber parts more intelligent and simple. Besides that, YIZUMI has never stopped creating top-rank products with first-class corporate culture. We highly appreciate all your support and affirmation and look forward to seeing you at K 2025.

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