FAW & YIZUMI Run into "Ultra-large Casting Era" Hand in Hand



Signing Ceremony for 9000T Die Casting Machine

"Big and agile". On May 26th, the launching ceremony of the LEAP series 7000T Ultra-large die casting machine & signing ceremony of the LEAP series 9000T strategic cooperation was held in Shunde, Foshan. This is the first time for YIZUMI to publicise the 7000T LEAP series ultra-large die casting machine with global attention. The signing ceremony means that YIZUMI and FAW Foundry have established a strategic partnership for the integrated solution of 9000T die casting application.

The official launch of the YIZUMI 7000T LEAP series ultra-large intelligent die casting machine marks another technical breakthrough for YIZUMI since the 1250T LEAP series die casting machine was released in July 2021.

The 7000T LEAP series ultra-large intelligent die casting machine is the newly developed product that YIZUMI has put great effort in. The rigid clamping system provides stable die opening and closing movement. The fast injection speed can up to 12m/s with the state-of-the-art performance. The machine offers high-dynamic filling capacity for the manufacturing of large thin-wall parts and can meet the strict requirements of ultra-large integrated die casting parts of new energy vehicles.

The guests visited the die casting assembly workshop and took a close look at the 7000T LEAP series ultra-large die casting machine.

The guests expressed their appreciation to YIZUMI strong manufacturing and innovation capacity. They believe that the 7000T ultra-large die casting process will play an important role in new energy vehicle integration solutions as well as a good model for Chinese die casting industry. It is a successful case of the strategy of YIZUMI, "connecting Sino-Europe advanced technology".

As an iconic enterprise in the industry, FAW Foundry is one of the largest auto casting production bases in China. Over the years, FAW Foundry has been developed in close collaboration with YIZUMI. Up to now, different types of YIZUMI die casting machines ranging from 500-4500T have been used in the FAW Foundry's production line. The win-win cooperation between YIZUMI and FAW Foundry will have a profound impact on the industry.

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