YIZUMI Successfully Delivers a 3200T Thixomolding Machine


On March 25th, the 3200T Thixomolding machine, which was designed, developed, and manufactured by YIZUMI, successfully delivered to Ningbo Sinyuan ZM Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinyuan ZM). The machine has reached the world's leading level in three key parameters: clamping force, injection capacity, and melting supply capacity. The machine is mainly used for the production of high-precision automotive components and can meet customers' demands for high-precision, high-efficiency, high stability, and digitalization. This will greatly promote the large-size application of magnesium alloys in the automotive lightweighting field.

Sinyuan ZM was established in 2003 and is located in Beilun, Ningbo, China. It is a national high-tech company that specializes in the development, design and production of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy die casting parts, including lamp cooling frames, seat armrest skeletons, body structure components, interior parts and other automotive die casting parts. The company shifted the focus to the R&D and market expansion of magnesium alloy casting technology early on and has accumulated many technological capabilities in the development of magnesium alloy casting molds, die casting, post-processing, precision machining, and other processes throughout the entire business chain. We also have an integrated capacity for mold development and manufacturing, die casting, precision machining, surface treatment, and quality testing. With technological accumulation and early layout, SinyuanZM has become one of the pioneers in the automotive lightweight industry.

The collaboration between YIZUMI and Sinyuan ZM began in 2006. Over the last 18 years, we have developed a tight partnership ranging from aluminum alloys to magnesium alloys, small machines to heavy-duty machines, cold chamber machines to Thixomolding machines. As a result of their trust and recognition of our advanced technology, Sinyuan ZM has ordered two Thixomolding machines, UN650MGII and UN1500MGII, in 2021. And now, the successful delivery of the 3200T Thixomolding machine marks a new milestone in our partnership.

For quite long time, the Thixomolding process was only mastered by some top manufacturers abroad. As a result of the high cost of equipment, high-quality magnesium alloy parts are niche products and pricey. In 2008, YIZUMI began the Thixomolding project with a forward-thinking vision, and since then, continuous innovation and iteration have earned recognition from global customers including Germans and Americans. Our machines are the top domestic Thixomolding equipment with up to 3 million shots, of which nearly 1 million from overseas and 2 million from domestic.

Over the past fifteen years, YIZUMI has actively connect advanced technologies from China and Europe, and accumulated a lot of technical expertise in the development of Thixomolding technology for large thin-wall and thick-wall parts manufacturing, as well as insight into the needs of customers in the part development and manufacturing. To better meet and serve the needs of customers, YIZUMI has made numerous improvements to the equipment in terms of easy operation, reduced downtime for maintenance and repair, reduced energy consumption, improved safety and health environment and reduced whole life costs of the equipment. Now, our Thixomolding equipment has reached international leading level.

The 3200T Thixomolding machine features an injection pressure of up to 100 MPa, effectively addressing the weak points in the molding of large parts in the current thixomolding process. With a high-flow and high-speed response hydraulic system, it offers vigorous filling capabilities. Equipped with a 160mm screw, it achieves a maximum stable discharge of over 11 kilograms. The injection capacity, melting supply capacity, and clamping force, three critical parameters, all reach the global leading level, making the entire machine consistent and well-balanced. This represents YIZUMI's continuous innovation and commitment to thixomolding technology, greatly advancing the application of lightweight magnesium alloy materials in new energy vehicles.

"Innovation" has always been the foundation of our development, and it is also our relentless pursuit. "Customer value enhancement" is the code of our conduct. Today, a number of high-end local and international customers have established a long-term relationship with YIZUMI after the successful production of high-quality Thixomolding parts in their respective fields. In the future, we will continue to work with our customers to explore new applications for Thixomolding projects while also cultivating technical development and innovation. We will also adhere to high-quality development to provide high-quality and more competitive solutions to customers and create more value for them.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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