YIZUMI CONNECT 2023 Grandly Open with New Strategy Released


On April 16, 2023, the second Advanced Molding Technology Conference (YIZUMI CONNECT 2023) with the tagline of "Think Tech Forward" is grandly opened. More than 1000 guests from the world gathers in Foshan to witness the secret of "Think Tech Forward" in the five-day event.

At the Conference, YIZUMI releases a brand-new development strategy, a new brand image and a brand-new technology roadmap, and more than 40 advanced molding solutions covering many fields such as polymer and metal material forming are displayed.

Meanwhile, the guests visits YIZUMI i-Factory and Ultra Large Die Casting Machine Factory to appreciate the charm of intelligent manufacturing of Industry 4.0.

01 New strategy is released, and the pace of YIZUMI is firmly moving towards internationalization

Mr. Richard Yan, Chairman and CEO of YIZUMI releases new development strategy and new brand image of YIZUMI. He proposes that YIZUMI will adopt a professional international image, to actively change the style of play, embrace changes, better unite the upstream and downstream of manufacturing industry, and accelerate the globalization strategy.

In the future, YIZUMI will persist in driving the development of the industry with technology, constantly optimize the company's technology roadmap, explore cutting-edge key technologies, enhance the competitiveness of the company's solutions and core products, and actively create the core professional values in the industry; Meanwhile, we will continue to upgrade technology and products, markets and customers, production and operation, strengthen global operation capability, product service quality, intelligent manufacturing and enterprise's overall value chain capability, continue to promote the transformation of functional organizations to process-oriented organizations, and traditional manufacturing industries to Industry 4.0 production, so as to grow together with global partners and customers and contribute to the reconstruction of global supply chain.

YIZUMI's brand image has also been completely refreshed in line with the new development strategy. In the future, with the mission of "Global expertise - Solutions for the world ", adhering to the concept of "Sustainable, innovative technology for humankind " and the tagline of "THINK TECH FORWARD", YIZUMI will move forward towards the vision of "To be a world-class molding equipment solution provider" with better products, better quality, better delivery and better service. YIZUMI will continue to build its competitive advantages, expand its global market share, accelerate its entry into the global middle and high-end customer base, and compete with the world's top machinery manufacturers on the same stage in the global market of molding equipment.

In addition, Dr. Zhou Jun, Deputy General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of YIZUMI, also shares in detail the future technical strategic planning of YIZUMI. In the future, YIZUMI will build a three-level R&D system, continuously increase R&D investment, and realize high-end, intelligent and green product technology.

According to the development strategy, YIZUMI will establish technical committees, expert committees and other institutions, grasp the development trend of market and industry science and technology, create a customer-oriented digital R&D process, explore deep interaction with major customers, and establish a deep strategic cooperation relationship.

Nowadays, YIZUMI has established Research Center for Advanced Processing Technologies in Germany, focusing on the research fields of special process application of polymer materials, multi-component molding process, lightweight and additive manufacturing. At the headquarters, YIZUMI has also set up a Research Center for Polymer Processing, a Research Center for Die Casting and Metal Molding and a Research Center for Smart Manufacturing to support research work in various fields and build core technologies and key technologies of YIZUMI.

Not only that, YIZUMI has continuously established various joint innovation centers with top academic institutions at home and abroad, such as rubber molding, low-carbon energy saving, artificial intelligence, virtual simulation, transmission control, new materials and gathered the wisdom of global talents to achieve a win-win situation for the whole industry.

02 Gathering of industry bigwigs Discussion of the international frontier trends

Experts, scholars and industry leaders from the domestic and foreign plastics industry also share the cutting-edge technologies and development trends of the industry.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, Head of the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Germany, shares "Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Injection Molding".

Prof. Dr. Chul B. Park, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, presents us with “Low-Pressure and High-Pressure Foam Injection Molding Technologies”.

Dr. - Ing. Yuxiao Zhang, Director of Yizumi Germany Advanced Processing Technologies Institute, brings you “Machine Design for Foam Injection Molding as a Second Standard Process beside Compact Injection Molding.”

Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of the Injection Molding Machine Division of YIZUMI, explains the future development plan and new product release of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine, and announces the development goal that YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine should become a world-class enterprise in its field and rank among the top five in the world in terms of comprehensive competitiveness.

03 YIZUMI i-Factory, stepping into a new era of intelligent manufacturing

During the activity, the guests visit the YIZUMI China Wusha No.3 Factory, which includes two parts: YIZUMI i-Factory and Ultra Large Die Casting Machine Factory. By adopting the concept of streamlined and smart manufacturing, YIZUMI i-Factory has planned according to the concept of Industry 4.0. flexible manufacturing system (FMS), intelligent central warehouse system, robotic automated painting system, automated in-plant logistics system and production lines for different components and machines installed. Coupled with the CRM, ERP systems and highly customized WMS and MES systems, the production pace is 15 minutes per machine, and the design capacity of a single shift reaches 1000 machines per month. In comparison with the traditional production method, the production cycle is shortened by 33% and the overall output is increased by 80%.

YIZUMI Ultra Large Die Casting Machine Factory is the first Ultra Large Die Casting Machine Factory in China. It has the annual production capacity of 100 large and super-large die casting machines, with an additional turnover of over 1 billion Yuan. To better meet the production and assembly requirements of super-large die-casting machines, the factory building of the factory has been laid out in advance in terms of height and span, which can meet the production equipment of 20,000T of super-large die-casting machines at the maximum, and will help YIZUMI become a leading enterprise in the field of "Integrated die-casting".

04 40+ advanced solutions unveiled, empowering green molding

More than 40 advanced molding solutions, such as IME in-mold circuit board molding solution, 2K molding solution for automobile electroplated interior parts, double-layer molding solution for thick-wall lenses, new energy automobile parts molding solution, and FoamPro MuCell injection molding, were displayed in the exhibition hall of Test Center of more than 5,000 square meters in YIZUMI, covering new materials and technologies, new energy vehicles, circular economy, intelligent injection molding, digital applications and other fields, meeting the needs of new energy vehicles, medical industry, packaging industry, 3C electronics.

Nowadays, although uncertain changes come one after another due to the unpredictable global market, YIZUMI's determination to forge ahead will never change. Through YIZUMI CONNECT 2023, YIZUMI make an announcement to become a world-class enterprise. Under the traction of the new strategy, I believe YIZUMI will achieve a high quality development. In the future, YIZUMI is eager to compete with the world's top players; we look forward to creating and sharing with all parties. With better solutions and services, we will meet challenges and grasp the marvelous opportunities with our global customers.

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