YIZUMI Opens New Technical Service Center in São Paulo, Brazil


Recently, YIZUMI Brazil and local agent Alfamach have hosted an opening ceremony to celebrate the official inauguration of São Paulo Technical Center (Brazil), which represents an important step in YIZUMI's global layout in Brazil. Over 300 guests have attended this event.

Address: Rua Antonio Ovídio Rodrigues, Nº 1475 Loteamento Parque Industrial - Jundiaí - SP CEP 13213-180

In response to current developments in the injection molding industry, YIZUMI Brazil and Alfamach have presented several turnkey solutions that satisfy local market demands during this event. Guests could experience the cutting-edge technologies and excellent service through our diverse products in an open presentation.

On site, the PAC250M electric injection molding machine special for medical industry produced petri dishes, while the UN700WD1 two-platen injection molding machine produced rear car light covers, the UN260C-BTP multi-component injection molding machine produced collapsible buckets and the FF160 electric injection molding machine produced cups. Their highly efficient and stable performance has greatly impressed the guests.

Demo production of petri dishes by PAC250M

Product: Petri dish

Number of cavities: 4+4

Material: GPPS

Weight: 6+5.5g

Cycle time: 6s

Demo production of rear car light covers by UN700WD1

Product: Rear car light cover

Number of cavities: 2+2

Material: PMMM(red)+PMMA(transparent)

Weight: 101+9g

Cycle time: 56s

Demo production of collapsible buckets by UN260C-BTP

Product: Collapsible bucket

Number of cavities: 1+1

Material: PP+TPE

Weight: 91+56g

Cycle time: 30s

Demo production of cups by FF160

Product: Cup

Number of cavities: 2

Material: PS

Weight: 14g

Cycle time: 10s

Mr. Charles Zhao, Sales Director of YIZUMI South America, introduced YIZUMI's brand upgrading, new products and technologies, i-Factory, as well as the great changes to the companies by the automatic and intelligent manufacturing upgrades with practical cases.

His detailed introduction gave the guests with a better grasp of YIZUMI products. The mature machine technologies, advanced molding solutions and brand strength of YIZUMI were highly appreciated and recognized by guests.

YIZUMI proactively adjusts its marketing strategy and continuously expands its global market to be a world-class molding equipment solution provider. Brazil, as an important market in the plastics and injection molding sectors, is also a focus of YIZUMI's globalization strategy.

São Paulo is located in the state of São Paulo in southeastern Brazil. It is the largest and most modern industrial, commercial, financial, technological, and international transportation center in Brazil and South America. This new YIZUMI São Paulo Technical Center has enhanced its hardware and software support to provide the following services to the local market and neighboring areas:

1. Installation, Commissioning and Training of Equipment

It has an experienced technical team that can provide customers with professional installation, commissioning, and operation training, ensuring that every feature of our injection molding machines is fully utilized.

2. After-Sales Service Support

It provides all-round after-sales service support, including equipment troubleshooting, component replacement, maintenance, etc. to guarantee that customers' machines run efficiently at all times.

3. Technical Consulting and Solutions

Its technical team provides professional technical consulting and solutions to assist customers in resolving technical issues encountered during manufacturing and improving production efficiency.

In recent years, YIZUMI's global expansion has been obvious. Since its inception in August 2020, YIZUMI Brazil has provided powerful technical support to local agencies, Alltech and Alfamach.

Meanwhile, the successive inauguration of the YIZUMI Joinville Technical Center, the Caxias do Sul Technical Service Center of local agent Alltech, and the YIZUMI São Paulo Technical Center marks YIZUMI's further expansion in Brazil.

In the future, we will adhere to customer-oriented principle and constantly advance our technology and service to provide global customers with tailor-made and cost-effective solutions.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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