YIZUMI Presents Several Hit Solutions at PLASTIVISION INDIA 2023


On 7th December, local time, the five-day PLASTIVISION INDIA 2023 takes place at NESCO Center in Mumbai. YIZUMI India presents several hit products and turnkey solutions at Hall 1-A1.


The PLASTIVISION INDIA 2023, held every three years, has maintained a high level of international recognition and influence. It highlights possibilities for developing countries, presents new technologies, processes, and products, and injects fresh momentum into the development of local plastics industry.

YIZUMI India attaches great importance to the exhibition, presenting UN550D1S, UN680W1, FF240, UN200SKⅢ injection molding machines, and four turnkey solutions, actively demonstrating its manufacturing strength to local customers.


Solution One

UN680W1 is a deep-cavity injection molding machine from the YIZUMI W1 series. It is applied with a new-type outward toggle clamping unit, which largely increases opening stroke compared to conventional clamping units. This makes it ideal for the production of deep-cavity products.

Demo production of paint buckets by UN680W1 injection molding machine

Product: 20L paint bucket

Material: PP BD265MO

Number of cavities: 1

Weight: 643g

Size: Φ335*373.6mm

Solution Two

The UN550D1S, YIZUMI D1S series two-platen servo injection molding machine, adopts Austria's KEBA control system and double CPUs, enabling fast response and multiple functionalities. It can also integrate new processes, such as MuCell, ICM, and IMC.

Demo production of PVC pipe fittings by UN550D1S two-platen injection molding machine

Product: PVC pipe fitting

Material: F RP G67 84 M1G

Number of cavities: 4

Weight: 1160g

Size: 110*75mm

Solution Three

FF240 electric injection molding machine adopts a modular design that clamping units and various injection units can be combined flexibly as customers' demands, with injection speed ranging from 160 to 500 mm/s. The position accuracy of injection and mold opening & closing is within 0.03 mm, satisfying the demands of global customers for high precision, high efficiency, high stability and automation.

Demo production of water bottle caps by FF240 electric injection molding machine

Product: Water bottle cap

Material: HDPE M 60075

Number of cavities: 32

Weight: 1.18g

Size: (thickness) 0.8mm

Solution Four

UN200SKⅢ belongs to YIZUMI SKⅢ series general-purpose injection molding machine. Based on optimized injection mechanism design, its injection unit has higher rigidity. The design of barrel assembly is enhanced to reduce the frictional resistance during the injection process, increase the injection accuracy and ensure the stability of injection.

Demo production of pen barrels by UN200SKⅢ injection molding machine

Product: Pen barrel

Material: GPPS grade - SC203EL

Number of cavities: 32

Weight: 2g

Size: Φ9*132mm

As one of the world's fastest-growing economies, India has a huge demand for plastic products, attracting the attention and participation of global plastic machinery manufacturers. YIZUMI, an important manufacturer in the industry, has been entering and developing the Indian market for fifteen years and has done a good job of accumulating market, service, and manufacturing technologies.

The YIZUMI New India Gujarat Factory, with a total investment of 100 million Yuan, officially put into operation in October 2022. It serves as an important production base and customer service platform outside of China. Building the production base at the forefront of the market can help us have an accurate understanding of the performance parameters and functional requirements of various industries in India for injection molding machine products, identify the differences in the operating habits and make targeted improvements and upgrades to our existing products, to better meet the needs of Indian customers.

Currently, YIZUMI India's SKⅢ and A5 series three-platen servo hydraulic injection molding machines, DP/D1 series large two-platen injection molding machines, and PAC series high-speed packaging machines have provided products and technical support to local customers in various industries such as automotive, home appliances, 3C, healthcare, packaging, and building materials.

With the landing of our globalization strategy, we are changing the landscape in the global equipment manufacturing field. In the future, we will remain committed to technological innovation and quality improvement, developing new products and technological solutions in response to market demand and creating greater value for customers.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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