YIZUMI's First Overseas Exhibition | See you at PLASTEX 2024


On 9th January, local time, the four-day PLASTEX 2024 is grandly opened at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. YIZUMI and local agent Nassar present the FF200M special medical machine, the PAC200E electric high-speed injection molding machine and relevant turnkey solutions based on local market demand and industry development.


Thanks to the strong support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt, PLASTEX, the leading plastics and rubber exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has welcomed its 19th edition and has grown into the region's largest exhibition.

PLASTEX is committed to showcasing comprehensive and sustainable products for the MENA markets, such as machinery and equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products, plastic products, packaging solutions, as well as AI, robotics technology, automation and other intelligent services, providing great platform for exhibitors to discover new business opportunities and partners.


Labeled Cup Molding Solution

The PAC200E is an electric high-speed injection molding machine from PAC-E series. The PAC-E series has been comprehensively improved in terms of cleanliness, precision and energy saving while retaining the advantages of the original PAC series in the efficient and stable production of thin-wall packaging containers, providing customers with a customized one-stop solution to meet their diverse production needs.

Additionally, compared to the hydraulic high-speed machine, the PAC-E series all-electric high-speed injection molding machine operates without hydraulic oil throughout the entire machine. This eliminates concerns about leaks and ensures that it does not pose any risk of contaminating the workshop environment or plastic products. It is ideal for production applications in medical consumables and food packaging industries.

Demo production of labeled cups by PAC200E high-speed injection molding machine

Product: Labeled cup

Material: PP

Number of cavities: 4

Weight: 6.7g

Cycle time: 4.3s

Syringe Molding Solution

At the same time, FF200M is producing syringes on site. The FF-M series electric special medical machines are developed for the plastic medical consumable industries, meeting a variety of manufacturing process requirements for disposable syringes, infusion sets, indwelling needles, luminous cups, respiratory masks, and other products.

Furthermore, YIZUMI can provide customers with comprehensive solutions and a complete range of efficient, stable, and clean injection molding systems in response to the unique features of medical consumables.

Demo production of syringes by FF200M special medical machine

Product: 40ml syringe

Material: PP

Number of cavities: 8

Weight: 13.25g

Egypt is an important market for global manufacturers seeking access to the MENA region. In recent years, it has promoted industrial localization in industries such as automobiles, household appliances, railways, medical equipment, and food etc., increasing the importance of the plastic processing industry to the national economy.

Industry advancement and innovations in plastic manufacturing technologies drive the demand for updated machinery and propel the injection molding machine industry to rapid development.

YIZUMI, a leading injection molding machine manufacturer in the industry, focuses on developing innovative plastic machinery that aligns with emerging local market trends and technologies for producing eco-friendly or specialized plastic products. We are also committed to providing better and tailored solutions for the local market.

YIZUMI's business expansion and services in Egypt are currently handled by Nassar, which provides sales and technical services to the local market. In addition, we have invested in network marketing in the region to develop the local market and actively expand our brand recognition.

In 2024, YIZUMI will continue to participate in various trade fairs around the world, providing higher-quality products and services to worldwide customers.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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