YIZUMI Joins Hands With Huawei to Bring Momentum to Enterprises


Recently, YIZUMI Intelligent Manufactory Execution System (Yi MES) has passed strict assessments in multiple dimensions by HUAWEI CLOUD KooGallery ("KooGallery" for short) and has been officially approved as a joint-operate product. Users can purchase Yi MES and related services directly from the KooGallery.

Joint-operate product qualification is a new upgrade to existing collections by KooGallery in 2022. The criteria for inclusion are further upgraded in four dimensions of "richness, quality, innovation, and win-win", taking into account the industry impact, product reputation, service quality, and other factors. It aims to manage the product technologies and R&D strength of service providers at source, and to provide high-quality services to users.

With its strong technical skills, Yi MES has passed the joint testing of more than 300 functional tests and 60 security tests, 5 performance tests, and 17 reliability tests, covering all aspects of capabilities in platform foundation, platform resource management, installation and deployment, performance analysis and optimization, high availability, operation and maintenance management, backup and recovery, monitoring and warning, database security management, compatibility and the ability to execute query statements.

Yi MES has been selected as a KooGallery joint-operate product, representing a further exploration in the field of Big data infrastructure. With this new pattern of joint operation, YIZUMI and KooGallery will work together in different fields, including products, technology, sales, and operations, to create a collaborative ecosystem of "co-existence, co-creation, co-operation, and win-win". This will allow enterprises to benefit from policies while receiving better products and services at a lower barrier.

YIZUMI has achieve compatibility with Kunpeng cloud services at HUAWEI CLOUD

In recent years, Yi MES has actively responded to national appeals with other ecosystem partners. It has completed compatibility tests and been certified with popular software and hardware platforms including VASTDATA, HUAWEI CLOUD, and Kunpeng Cloud.

In the future, YIZUMI will work with partners to create a new IT infrastructure ecosystem. We will continue to empower more enterprises with self-developed industrial software, bringing manufacturers fresh vitality and boosting efficiency.

Image credit: Huawei Cloud

About Yi MES

Yi MES integrates cloud computing, Big data, IoT and other new ICT technologies into Yi+Platform, a YIZUMI-launched industrial Internet platform in 2018, to effectively solve pain points in the manufacturing process and improve production efficiency and product quality.

It is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of molding and casting industries in terms of equipment networking, low-cost workshop information management, and digital management. It also integrates functions like process management, equipment management, production management, and visual Kanban to achieve lightweight information management and reduce the cost of informatization.

It can help in breaking down the isolated island of enterprise information, connecting equipment (OT) and manufacturing systems (IT) vertically, and linking application systems such as ERP and WMS horizontally to establish digital coordination across all scenarios. The digital operation with intelligent MES as the core promotes the transformation of manufacturers from "informatization" to "digitalization" to "intelligence" through the induction and analysis of manufacturing big data.

YIZUMI has always been dedicated to increasing the core competitiveness of companies. After 6 years of development and accumulation, we have summarized a wide range of excellent application scenarios in discrete manufacturing, electronics, 3C, auto parts, healthcare, equipment manufacturing, and other fields.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on Yi MES.

Email: huangmin@yizumi.com

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