YIZUMI A3 Series Rubber Injection Machine to Debut on May 21



May 21
Shunde, China

On May 21st, the new product launch conference of YIZUMI A3 series rubber injection machine will be grandly unveiled in Shunde, Foshan - YIZUMI China Wusha No. 2 Factory. This milestone event will comprehensively demonstrate the outstanding strength of Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YIZUMI RIM) in the technical field, and will draw a new blueprint for the future development of rubber injection molding technology.

As a leader in the industry, YIZUMI RIM has always adhered to the concept of technological innovation and product innovation. After years of constant research and development, YIZUMI RIM has launched the A3 series rubber injection machine. This new product takes advantage of YIZUMI's Global Innovation Center to maximize the product innovation value chain. It has made remarkable breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing, simplification and environmentally friendliness. Its advent will undoubtedly bring a new production experience to the rubber injection molding industry and provide customers with more efficient and stable solutions.

At the press conference, YIZUMI RIM will show the participants the overall solution of low energy consumption, automation and less manpower of various models. These products not only demonstrate the company's technical strength, but also demonstrate our leading position in the rubber injection molding industry. At the same time, we will also invite authoritative experts in the industry, scholars from South China University of Technology, and partners to participate in the grand event to discuss the latest technological progress and future development trend of the rubber injection molding industry.

On May 21st, we sincerely invite you to witness the new value of YIZUMI A3 series rubber injection machine.

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