YIZUMI Participates in the INMR 2023


The INMR World Congress 2023 was held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 12th to 15th.

The INMR WORLD CONGRESS is a skills-building and technical enrichment event for engineers and other professionals in the field of power transmission & distribution. It is comprised of a 3-day conference and product & technology exhibition that runs in parallel.

This is a world-renowned event that brings together professionals and industry leaders from around the world to explore and exchange key topics in the field of power transmission and distribution, including cutting-edge technologies and market trends.

Insulation performance and electric field control are key technologies in power transmission and distribution equipment. Composite materials have excellent properties, and composite insulation products are increasingly widely used in power transmission and distribution equipment applications, whereas the molding of composite insulation products, especially ultra-high voltage products, is difficult and complex, and good molding equipment is a vital factor in controlling the quality and cost of composite insulation products.

As a leading manufacturer of precise rubber and plastic molding equipment worldwide, YIZUMI Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YIZUMI RIM) has always provided better molding equipment and leading solutions for various composite insulation product molding, has expanded a wide material and process adaptation, enhanced the stability of product quality, and helped product manufacturers to improve production and management intelligent, simple and green. YIZUMI RIM has gained high recognition and built long-term cooperation with most insulation product manufacturers worldwide, establishing a leading market share.

These achievements benefit from extensive communication with global experts in the industry alongside the strong R&D investment of YIZUMI RIM, which integrates molding needs into solutions.

Mr. Liang Xidong, Professor, Tsinghua University, China (Second from the right)

The INMR World Congress is an excellent platform for communicating and connecting with global industry experts. In the past 15 years, YIZUMI has participated in every INMR as a devoted partner and supporter, attaching great importance to exchange ideas with every expert, and has released reports on new molding technologies many times.

At this 2023 edition INMR World Congress, YIZUMI, as an official welcome reception partner for this event, extended a very warm welcome to the attendees, wishing complete success to INMR and a beneficial and enjoyable participation to everyone.

During the congress, global customers and partners visited YIZUMI's booth for in-depth communication and exchange.

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