Take the lead in applying deep modularity in Rubber Injection Machine Industry
With the rapid development of the automotive industry, rubber parts for automobiles have developed into a unique and specialized industry as automotive rubber parts are an indispensable and vital component in auto parts. About 100-200 kinds of rubber parts are assembled on each car, and about 200-500 rubber parts in total are used. In response to disparities in parts quality, and intense market competition, YIZUMI's mission is to help customers easily achieve their business goals.

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Total solution for automotive rubber parts production
YIZUMI provides comprehensive equipment and solutions, integrated with rational advise and excellent services. With YIZUMI, you are able to acquire an all-inclusive solution that meets the industry requirements of creating competitive cost advantages, continuously meeting customers' demands and actively advancing the intelligence revolution for global automotive.
The Expertise to meet all your process needs
There are many types of automotive rubber parts, such as seals, anti-vibrantion parts, connectors, etc., "a small difference is a thousand miles away", and the quality of various performances of automotive rubber products has become the key to guaranteeing that each component functions properly in the autotive system. No matter what challenging part you produce, our application technology experts ensure to provide you with the necessary technical and quality.
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