Especially suitable for the production of small precise parts with inserts and profile jointing.
More reasonable machine layout

More reasonable layout of the whole machine, with a smaller footprint, while the screen and operation box can be flexibly switched left-right according to the actual demand of the workshop, more in line with the factory IE layout.

Long-term stable production

The C-frame structure is made of high-strength alloy steel, with lower stress concentration at the corner and less deformation in the vertical and horizontal directions, ensuring long-term stability.

Energy saving

Saves up to 50% energy.

Easy to use

Easy operation and maintenance.

Modular design

Modular design with a variety of injection units and parts demolding devices to fulfill molding processes of EPDM, TPE, LSR, and other materials. Ultra-high injection pressure is available for molding some special parts.

Industry Application

Service Process

Process/Mold Analyse and Design
  • Raw materials selection
  • Product design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Mold design suggestion
Equipment Selection Suggestions
  • Product performance
  • Product quality
  • Ease of use
  • Safety requirements
Whole Plant Planning Advice
  • Planning of production line
  • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
  • Peripheral automation
  • Smart connection
Delivery Solutions
  • Professional installation and debugging
  • On-site operation training
  • Molding process training
After Sales Solutions
  • YFO services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Device upgrade
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