Leading the world new technology of composite insulation products production
Due to high threshold in ultra-high voltage transmission lines, the market competition in China is moderate, while for the medium and low voltage insulator industry, the technical and quality threshold is lower, there are more manufacturers and competition is high. How to let customers breakthrough the competition has become the first goal of YIZUMI.

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Insulation product molding machine for energy industry
Based on long-term close discussions with industry experts, customers, mold makers and material suppliers, we deeply understand features of various products, the needs of operators and managers, and provide leading solutions for various types and voltage products from 10kV to 1000kV. We create the best TCO for global customers, in return, we win orders globally far ahead of other manufacturers.
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Power transmission and distribution parts include a wide application, such as composite insulators, surge arresters, circuit breakers, fuses cutouts, hollow core insulators, cable accessories, etc. No matter what kind of challenging parts you are going to produce, our application experts can always ensure that you get the right process and technology.
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We provide robot application and intelligent manufacturing overall solutions for industrial production processes of various industries, and strive to greatly reduce the production and operation costs of enterprises, improve production efficiency, and create greater value for enterprises.
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The concept of modularization is utilised to form a series of standard modules for vaious technologies. By simple selection, a suitable customised solution can be made to meet customers' individual needs.

Clamping technology

Simple structure, stable and rapid movement; low load and high energy efficiency; Low operating height; Durable sealing, less hydraulic oil consumption; Can meet customer's requirement for different opening stroke.

Plasticizing & injection technology

Special plasticizing and injection system for silicone rubber, which completely solves the problem of air trapping and scorching.

Energy saving and eco-friendly

With the perfect coordination between professional software and hardward, the performance of the dynamic system is significantly improved while extending machine service life and lower production costs.

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