Highly flexible, personalized, and digital production model for products and services
The advantage of intelligent machines is to establish a solid foundation for intelligent intellectual manufacturing. We are committed to constructing a highly flexible production model for personalized and digital products and services. In this model, with the disappearance of traditional industry boundaries, a variety of new areas of activity and forms of collaboration will emerge and significantly increase the flexibility of your production.

Application Highlights


The control is integrated into the main computer unit and allows flexible settings.

High precision

During the injection process, dynamically adjust the V/P switching point and holding pressure according to the actual screw position and load pressure to improve product weight repeatability.

Intelligent monitoring and analysis

Sensor detection and operational data monitoring and analysis.

Product Classification Introduction

Integration solutions for auxiliary equipment
All-electric machine injection position holding
Intelligent Mold Temperature Control
Intelligent Clamping Force Control System
Intelligent Shot Weight Control System
Intelligent Mold Opening Control
Preventive Monitoring and Maintenance
The main control and operation data of the auxiliary equipment is integrated into the computer of the injection molding machine through the communication interface to allow to make changes to the commonly used parameters and control functions of the auxiliary machine on the injection molding machine interface. It also allows displaying the operation status and alarm information of the auxiliary machine in real-time, forming an “injection molding cell” with centralized control, providing convenience for customers.
The screw performs a controlled deceleration and holding action after injecting to the set pressure switching position to allow the melt at the front end of the screw to fill the mold cavity on its own using internal pressure. It reduces the internal stress of the product after molding and improve the performance of the product.
Dynamic control of mold cooling water flows by detecting the outlet and return water temperatures to achieve constant control of mold temperature, thus enhancing the stability of injection molding.
Three-platen machine: A clamping force sensor is added to the rear platen of the machine to display the actual machine clamping force in real time and help customers to adjust the molding process parameters.
All-electric: A clamping force sensor is installed on the tie bar or rear platen to detect the real-time clamping force. Features clamping force auto-hold and online clamping force optimization.
During the injection process, dynamically adjust the V/P switching point and holding pressure according to the actual screw position and load pressure to improve product weight precision.
This control scheme builds the data and position signal transmission path between the controller and the servo drive through the CANopen bus and adds the algorithm and program for the closed-loop position control in the drive to realize the precise positioning of the mold opening. The use of intelligent algorithms greatly reduces the difficulty of mold-opening parameter settings.
Through sensor detection and operating data monitoring and analysis, we can detect abnormalities of relevant devices in time and remind customers to perform necessary repair and maintenance, so as to reduce the risk of machine wear and tear, prevent malfunctions from getting worse, and ensure the healthy operation of machines.
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