More service support
Higher applicability

Application Highlights


Security and data safety assurance.


Less unexpected downtime and planned maintenance to ensure machine usability.


Shorter downtime and faster troubleshooting through online support.


Determine the remaining useful life of equipment components.

Product Classification Introduction

After-Sales Service Portlet
AR Remote Collaboration
After-sales service portal app focuses on after-sales service for injection molding, die-casting, rubber injection, and other equipment and provides tools such as customer repair requests, service work order processing, and quick query for equipment information so that customers can quickly make a self-assisted service request and learn the progress of service work order processing in real-time.
YIZUMI’s AR remote collaboration module integrates augmented reality technology, audio and video communication technology, call center, and file transfer ability to achieve two-way real-time communication between on-site maintenance personnel and the experts in remote locations. It allows AR labeling on the screen and relevant file transfer for instant troubleshooting guidance, greatly improving maintenance efficiency and reducing collaboration costs.
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