Complete turnkey projects for intelligent integration and fully automated production
In response to the different needs of customers for automation, the conventional three devices are available for selection to meet the basic needs of ladler, sprayer, and extractor. Also available are robots, peripherals, and control systems for die-casting and casting post-processing related industries, such as robots for casting extraction, inserting, spraying, grinding, and deburring systems, peripheral devices for cooling, trimming, cleaning, engraving, conveying and release agent dilution and pressure feeding of related products, as well as integrated central control systems for all types of electrical control and power supply.

Application Highlights

Digital setting

For easy equipment commissioning.

Centralized and unified operation

The prominent brand PLC and HD touch screen with the human-machine dialog interface constantly optimized according to the needs of front-line operators allows a convenient quick view of information and alarm detection readings based on various settings.

Broad product portfolio

Experienced in integrated automation. The product line consists of products with a wide range of options. While the general configuration meets the basic needs of many customers, customized peripherals will fulfill your individual desire.

Product Classification Introduction

Intelligent Die Casting Cell
Die Casting Robot
YIZUMI Intelligent Die Casting Island focuses on providing a complete set of turnkey solutions for industrial production processes like robotic automated intelligent manufacturing systems, peripheral equipment, and related technical support and services. It meets the fully automated production needs of the die-casting industry and completes the full set of automated production processes such as robot take-out, inlaying, spraying, product cooling, de-slagging, trimming, engraving, conveying, etc. in the die-casting and post-processing related industries, and is suitable for different die-casting production lines.
By using a linkage mechanism, achieve stable movement of ladling, spraying, and extracting under the ideal tracks. Easy to use and operate. Unlike robotic operations, it does not require maintenance and programming by professional engineers. Suitable for all brands of die casting machines.
1. Meet the needs of automation, intellectualization, and complex product process.
2. High precision ladling, high efficiency of spraying, and flexibility of extraction.
3. Digital setting for easy equipment commissioning.
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