Preview | YIZUMI to participate in EUROGUSS 2024


The biennial die casting event EUROGUSS has been scheduled for January 16-18, 2024 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany.

Organized by the NürnbergMesse Group, EUROGUSS is currently the world's biggest professional trade fair for the die casting industry. It is also an excellent platform for die casting industry insiders to learn international market trends, show their own strengths, and develop their international market.

YIZUMI, a global enterprise deeply engaged in multiple areas of molding equipment manufacturing, debuted at EUROGUSS in 2022, showcasing the injection system and control system of LEAP series machines. At EUROGUSS 2024, it will present LEAP series 530U die casting machine, high-performance HM90T hot-chamber die casting machine, and advanced die casting technologies.

Seven months after YIZUMI presented its LEAP series 840U model at GIFA in June 2023, the LEAP series machine will make its second appearance at an international trade fair.

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