YIZUMI Accelerates Its Global Expansion in Die Casting Market


The year 2023 is drawing to a close. Through the relentless efforts, the YIZUMI die casting machines have won favor in the European market and achieved remarkable business results. YIZUMI is fortunate to have established close collaborative relationships with numerous partners across various European regions, serving as a key driving force behind YIZUMI’s success in the local market. Let’s take a moment to review and listen to the voices of European partners.


YGG Area Sales Manager

In the Czech Republic, YIZUMI is a quite new brand. Therefore it's important to introduce YIZUMI as a new supplier. Giving opportunity to our customers to get machines with European quality standards and far return on investment. So promotion and presentation of YIZUMI development in the field of the die casting is in a focus at the moment.


Agent of YIZUMI in Poland

YIZUMI is present in Polish market for already almost 10 years. Now we are very good known brand in the Polish market. We have sold already almost 50 die casting machines. The biggest one is 1650 tons. So the business develops very high very dynamically, and we have more and more customers who have full confidence in our products and services.


Agent of YIZUMI in Bulgaria

New LEAP series, it seems a very good developer for the European market. Compared with the other machine, the machine seems very, how I say, European machine.


CEO of Diecasting Engineering S.r.l.

YIZUMI has entered Italian market in 2019, since then the major focus has been on fine tuning the die casting machines in order to make them more adaptable to the Italian market. We believe now that with the HⅡ-S and the LEAP die casting machines of YIZUMI are fully answering to the customer needs. With YIZUMI we strive to be the industry best cost effective solution provider with leading technology. So in three words I would say product, technology and cost competitiveness.
With LEAP, YIZUMI is for sure achieved a very important technological standard. With LEAP, YIZUMI doesn't have anything to envy to the other local or European producers. We believe it would be a key value for the European market.
So we believe it's very important to find the balance between a certain levels of standardization to ensure the cost competitiveness. And at the same time, a degree of flexibility to ensure that we adapt to customer needs. In Italy this flexibility is very important. In Italy and I would say in Europe as well, because the market is very fragmented. There are a lot of small to medium foundries and we need to be able to answer to their needs.

The deep collaboration with European business partners has enabled YIZUMI to gain a better understanding of market dynamics. This collaboration has driven continuous product upgrades to better meet the diverse needs of customers, marking a solid stride for YIZUMI die casting machines on the international stage.


In the upcoming year 2024, YIZUMI will participate in the EUROGUSS 2024, which will be held in Nuremberg, Germany from January 16 to January 18. During the exhibition, YIZUMI will showcase the LEAP Series 530U, the hot chamber die casting machine HM90T, and advanced die casting technologies.

Your presence is sincerely invited.

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