YIZUMI LEAP9000 Delivered, Boosting NEV Development


On April 26, 2024, the LEAP9000 ultra large die casting machine was officially delivered from YIZUMI China Wusha No.3 Factory. This marks another significant milestone for YIZUMI in ultra large die casting machines following the delivery of the LEAP7000.

The ultra large die casting machine designed for the new energy vehicle (NEV) market. The machine meets the industry's needs for integrated, intelligent, high-quality, efficient, and energy-saving equipment. It will be used to produce large integrated rear components for NEVs, driving innovation in the sector.

As the NEV industry surges, the trend towards lightweight and efficient integrated casting is undeniable. YIZUMI, driven by innovation, remains market-oriented, closely monitoring customer needs and market demands to continuously develop new products. Following significant breakthroughs in the LEAP series technology, YIZUMI expands its LEAP series for larger, integrated NEV components.

Key features of the LEAP9000 ultra large die casting machine

The LEAP9000 ultra large die casting machine boasts a maximum locking force of 100,000kN and features a new injection system with dynamic injection force exceeding 2,100kN. It meets the performance requirements for large, complex, and long-filling distance structural components with thin walls. The machine also offers high precision in injection process control, achieving rapid start point deviation of less than 5mm, embodying the concept of "big and agile."

Besides, the LEAP9000 die casting machine utilizes full servo-motor drive for energy savings and longevity. Its ORCA control system and servo-valve ensure superior speed and pressure control, with digital management of production parameters. The machine also features an optimized mold-clamping system for uniform stress and shorter cycles, along with modular interfaces for streamlined plumbing in large component production.

The continuous development of integrated die casting

The LEAP series die casting machines, developed by an international R&D team with decades of experience, integrate advanced European and Chinese technologies with independent intellectual property rights. They exceed industry standards and offer intelligent solutions tailored to complex casting needs, streamlining the foundry process.

Since the global launch of the LEAP Series Die Casting Machine in July 2021, YIZUMI has developed large and ultra-large models ranging from 380T to 9000T, successfully empowering many customers. The delivery of the machine signifies a new milestone for YIZUMI in advanced manufacturing and symbolizes China's industrial upgrade. With integrated molding's rise, ultra-large die casting is trending globally. YIZUMI commits to further R&D in this sector, fueling the growth of the new energy vehicle industry.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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