YIZUMI Appears at IPF Japan 2023 with Innovative Solutions


On 28th November, the International Plastic Fair (IPF Japan) is grandly held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. As a world's top plastics exhibition, IPF Japan is dedicated to promoting the high-quality development of the industry and the advancement of advanced manufacturing. It collaborates with the industry to move towards high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing.

The brand name of YIZUMI symbolizes dynamic life force, intelligence and creativity, flowing continuously like a "gushing spring", vibrant and ceaseless. After years of development, YIZUMI, true to its name, embraces diversity like water gathering talents. It courageously innovates, and creates high-quality products for worldwide.

YIZUMI makes its debut at IPF Japan with unveiling a new brand image. The new logo of YIZUMI conveys its determination to move towards internationalization to customers worldwide.

Japan is an important global injection molding market, with all-electric injection molding machines being a competitive product with a leading position in the global market. According to the correlation data, electric injection molding machines have a market share of over 90% in Japan, while local brand all-electric injection molding machines account for 60-70% of the global market. Japanese manufacturers mainly develop and produce small and medium-sized all-electric injection molding machines, which are widely used in industries such as 3C, medical, and automotive.

At IPF Japan 2023, YIZUMI actively demonstrates its strength to customers and partners by integrating Japanese industry and customer needs. It showcases two injection molding solutions, a high-end medical product solution based on an all-electric injection molding machine and a new energy vehicle component solution based on a two-platen injection molding machine.

In April, YIZUMI successfully hosted the event -YIZUMI CONNECT 2023 where the company established its vision of "To be a world-class molding equipment solution provider" and two strategic goals: "expanding its global market scale" and "entering into the global high-end market." For this, YIZUMI focuses on the three major strategies of "product, operation, and globalization", actively adjusts its operation strategy based on its advantages, and continuously strengthens global market development.

For IPF Japan, Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy Managing Director of YIZUMI and General Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division, says, "YIZUMI is making its debut at IPF Japan. For this occasion, we have brought our advanced products, technologies, and solutions. Through the exhibition, we hope to have in-depth communication with Japanese customers and partners, enhance our influence in the local market, and accelerate the development of the Japanese market to better serve customers."

YIZUMI has developed various injection molding machines and solutions for different industries, including three-platen hydraulic machines, large-tonnage two-platen machines, all-electric machines, multi-component machines, high-speed packaging machines, vertical machines and more. These machines and solutions with a high level of cost-effectiveness enable YIZUMI to provide customers with faster, higher-quality services.

From the perspective of global competition, Europe and Japan have accumulated experience and occupied the high-end injection molding machine market. YIZUMI continues to improve its technology and accelerate its layout in high-end market. Among them, technological innovation is a significant strategic support point in YIZUMI's development, and YIZUMI is also striving to explore the key points of technological innovation in the industry.

For this, Mr. Zhang Tao emphasizes, "We provide more cost-effective solutions for global customers and adhere to YIZUMI's tagline 'Think Tech Forward,' which are the primary directions of YIZUMI in the product structure adjustment. In the process of technology development, intelligence, precision control, reliability, energy-saving technologies, and new processes will be important directions for our future planning and technology development."

For more details about YIZUMI at IPF Japan 2023, please visit us at booth 42610 in Hall 4 or follow us on Wechat or social media.

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