YIZUMI Presents Two Intelligent Solutions at IPF Japan 2023


On 29th November, IPF Japan 2023 is ongoing at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. At booth 42610 in Hall 4, YIZUMI presents two advanced injection molding solutions for the automotive and medical industries, attracting global visitors to engage with us.

YIZUMI Solutions

IMC Panel for Auto Side Door Molding Solution

At IPF Japan 2023, the D1-E series hybrid injection molding machine is producing IMC panels for auto side doors. This solution is a 3D side door panel decoration product for auto developed by YIZUMI and its partner, Hesheng Chuangjie. By using the In-Mold Circuit (IMC) technology, the product allows 3D touch control. Decorative patterns are printed on film sheets, conductive lines are printed on ink decorative layers, and then patterns and touch control circuits are integrated into a 3D intelligent touch panel through injection molding.


01 YIZUMI D1-E series hybrid injection molding machine is based on D1 series two-platen hydraulic technology and FF series all-electric technology. By modularizing different units, they integrate with each other efficiently while retaining their respective advantages. The machine features stable product quality, low energy consumption and high efficiency. It not only meets performance indicators such as precision and stability of an all-electric machine, but also reduces investment cost.

02 Just as D1 series, D1-E series hybrid injection molding machine can expand the injection-compression molding and injection-breathing molding process that can reduce the clamping force, make the holding pressure more uniform and improve the surface quality and compactness of the product, to better solve product warpage problems.

03 Two-platen hybrid injection molding machines can be widely used in the production requiring high clamping force, high injection precision, high efficiency and energy consumption sensitivity, like the production of auto parts, aviation appliances, consumer electronics, medical electronics and smart wearables.

Product: IMC panel for auto side door

Number of cavities: 1

Material: ABS920

Size (L×W×H): 456*125.1*20mm

Weight: 82g/pc

Cycle time: 90s

Partner: (Mold) Hesheng Chuangjie

Micro Preservation Tube Molding Solution

At the same time, the FF240M, equipped with a 64-cavity high-precision micro preservation tube mold, is producing micro preservation tubes. The product weight difference is within 1.02+/-0.01g, with a cycle time of 9s and a daily capacity of 690,000 pieces. It can provide eco-friendly and high-efficient solutions for injection production in an ISO 7 cleanroom.


01 Cleanliness: The injection molding machine is adopted with multiple cleaning designs to make it suitable for production in an ISO 7 cleanroom environment. These designs includes nickel-plated platen, tie bars free of lubricating oil, integrated air purifier and interior closed conveyor belt.

02 Intelligence: The injection molding machines is equipped with Smart Clamping Force Control System, Smart Weight Control System, MES online networking and monitoring functions.

03 Precision: The product weight difference is less than 1%.

04 High efficiency: With 64-cavity mold, molding cycle is only 9s.

Product: Micro preservation tube

Number of cavities: 64

Material: PP

Size: Φ10*45mm

Weight: 1.02g/pc

Cycle time: 9+/-1s

Partner: (Mold) Jestar

According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), global GDP in 2022 is $100.218 trillion, with Japan accounting for 4.233 trillion US dollars, making it the world's third largest economy. Key pillars of its economic growth include automotive manufacturing, electronic information technology, healthcare, and financial services.

Japan is currently one of the most important plastic machinery markets, with market capacity that ranks among the world's best. All-electric injection molding machines are its competitive products in plastic machinery, holding a leading position in the global market. However, due to their fast growth and cost-effectiveness, Chinese all-electric injection molding machines are gradually overtaking and surpassing Japanese brands, making them a highly anticipated newcomer in the market.

YIZUMI is an innovator that focuses on green technology, with "energy conservation, environmental protection, efficiency, economy, and ease of use" as its core technological approach. It will support, empower, and lead businesses through technical and product innovation, ultimately providing customers with better value experiences.

For more details about YIZUMI at IPF Japan 2023, please visit us at booth 42610 in Hall 4 or follow us on Wechat or social media.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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