YIZUMI SKⅢ Machine Shines at Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023


On 15th November, local time, the four-day Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023 is held at the Jakarta International Expo. YIZUMI and the local agent CHESO are on show with two injection molding machines, the UN320SKⅢ and the PAC200E, as well as relevant turnkey solutions.

Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy Managing Director of YIZUMI and General Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division, is communicating with visitors


At booth A-1402, the UN320SKⅢ injection molding machine of the brand new SKⅢ series features a simple and lively contour with our highly recognizable brand colors - green, white, and deep grey - resulting in a minimalism but not simple industrial style that firmly captures the attention of guests.

YIZUMI SKⅢ series injection molding machine is a brand new model released in October 2023. The UN320SKⅢ, YIZUMI's creative achievement, makes its debut at the exhibition, demonstrating our technological accumulation in the field of injection molding in recent years.

YIZUMI has always been customer-oriented and strives to create more value to customers. The new SKⅢ series injection molding machines have been comprehensively upgraded, with significant improvements in production efficiency, precision and stability, and energy conservation, to ensure that they can meet customers' production needs for various plastic products more efficiently.

Demo production of tissue boxes by UN320SKⅢ injection molding machine

Product: Tissue box

Material: PP

Number of cavities: 1

Weight: 120g

Size (L×W×H): 23.5×13×9.5cm

Cycle time: 24s

At the same time, the all-new E series PAC200E electric high-speed injection molding machine is producing labeled small round bowls. It is developed in response to the demand for high-speed and stable injection molding production of thin-wall packaging products. It effectively helps maintain a cleaner workshop and significantly improves injection accuracy. It offers efficient and convenient features such as higher injection speed, fast mold opening & closing, and a turnkey solution with complete injection molding machine + mold + IML system delivery.

Demo production of labeled small round bowls by PAC200E injection molding machine

Product: Labeled small round bowl

Material: PP

Number of cavities: 4

Weight: 3g

Size: Diameter 80mm, height 32mm, bottom diameter 60mm

Cycle time: 2.1s

With a population of around 270 million people and a conducive environment for foreign investment, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. There is a huge market need for most packaging, daily necessities, and construction products. As a result, the demand for rubber and plastic processing equipment is considerable.

China and Indonesia have had a positive relationship in recent years. Furthermore, the performance and quality of Chinese machinery approach that of Europe, America, and Japan, but their costs are competitive. Therefore, Chinese machinery has established itself in Indonesia and is well received by local customers.

In order to increase customers' confidence and satisfaction in our products and services, YIZUMI has built a strong sales and service team in Indonesia with CHESO, and it opens a new office in Cikarang this year, providing customers in various industries with highly acclaimed turnkey solutions, such as multi-component, two-platen, and high-speed packaging injection molding machines, as well as large opening stroke outward machines.

In the future, we will continue to expand the local market and be committed to providing customers with better-tailored and cost-effective solutions.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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