YIZUMI Will Make Its Debut at IPF Japan 2023 to Seek New Chances


East Asia plays an important role in the global injection molding machine market.

The IPF Japan, an important trade fair in the global injection molding industry, will take place on 28th November, 2023 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

YIZUMI, as an advanced molding equipment system and service provider, will make its debut at IPF Japan 2023 in a country full of vitality and challenges. This marks not only a new beginning for YIZUMI, but also an indication of our determination and belief in pursuing excellence.

At that time, YIZUMI will present with advanced injection molding machines and relevant solutions, and have in-depth conversations with global professionals to share our achievements and technological innovation in the industry.

Transformation propels industry development

The Japanese market is significant in the global plastic machinery business, with one of the world's largest market capacities. With its first-mover advantage and high-quality products, Japan leads the injection molding machine industry, particularly in the field of all-electric injection molding machines.

According to relevant data figures, over 90% of domestic injection molding machines in Japan are all-electric. Furthermore, the yearly shipment volume of completely electric injection molding machines from Japanese brands accounts for around 60-70% of the global total, with a consistent market share ranking first in the globe.

According to the current market development, the brands of all-electric injection molding machines in Japan are continually concentrating while machine models are shifting from small and medium-sized machines to larger machines. Japanese all-electric injection molding machines are expected to maintain their technological leadership for some time.

However, due to their fast growth and cost-effectiveness, Chinese all-electric injection molding machines are rapidly emerging and catching up with the Japanese brands, making them a highly anticipated newcomer in the market. This competitive spirit will definitely move the entire industry ahead, providing customers with more options and better product experiences.

Exploring new markets with advanced technologies

Japan is a market full of challenges and opportunities.

YIZUMI is currently in the early phases of expanding the Japanese market, with customers mostly focusing on automotive parts and 3C electronics. We are committed to building a trustworthy and influential brand image in the Japanese and East Asian markets at IPF Japan 2023.

In this regard, Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy Managing Director of YIZUMI and General Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division said, "YIZUMI strives to be a world-class molding equipment solution provider in the global market. And the Japanese market is one of the key strategic markets for YIZUMI to access to global high-end market and customer groups."

To better meet the demands of high-end markets and customers for equipment performance, quality, and services, YIZUMI established a R&D center in Aachen, Germany, which serves as an innovation engine that drives the upgrading of our technologies and products, and accelerates our connection pace with the high-end markets and technologies.

In the exploration of connecting advanced Sino-Europe molding technologies, YIZUMI has continuously developed many forward-thinking innovative processes and technologies that are leading the industry's development. For example, the all-electric injection molding machine has been extended to 1380T and successfully delivered to French customers, providing them with more energy-saving and efficient turnkey solutions. The development and delivery of the 8500T ultra large injection molding machine has consolidated our global leadership in the ultra large injection molding machine industry.

To keep up with advanced technologies and industry benchmarks, we must continuously connect with advanced technology and explore the global market, achieving synchronous development of quality and quantity. Meanwhile, we will actively develop stable cooperation with partners from Japan and other countries, and jointly explore wider markets.

From 28th November to 2nd December, we are looking forward to meeting with you at IPF Japan 2023 to explore the future of the industry.

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