YIZUMI Vertical Machine Exhibits at Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2023


On 22nd November, local time, the four-day Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2023 takes place at the Tüyap İstanbul Fair and Congress Center in Turkey. YIZUMI and the local agent GENERAL MAKİNA exhibit with UN230CE-BTP and UN165V3R injection molding machines, receiving positive feedback.


At booth 813 in Hall 8, the UN230CE-BTP all-electric liquid silicone multi-component injection molding machine is equipped with special molds for two-color silicone collapsible lunch boxes. It uses an electrical liquid silicone feeder and WACKER food-grade silicone to break through the industrial barrier and achieve thermoplastic injection molding + thermosetting liquid silicone integrated molding.

It allows the molding of two-color plastic liquid silicone with complex structures, reduces assembly costs, improves production efficiency and product physical properties, and solves various industrial injection molding pain points. It offers effective solutions for the production of automotive connectors, seals, wiring structural parts, precision electronic seals in the 3C industry, high-end daily necessities, and medical supplies.

Demo production of two-color liquid silicone collapsible lunch boxes by UN230CE-BTP

Product: Collapsible lunch box

Material: (PA66+30%GF) + LSR

Number of cavities: 1+1

Weight: 81g

Cycle time: 85s

Vertical injection molding machine is a new series from YIZUMI. The V4 series vertical injection molding machine UN40V4 has been exhibited at Interplas 2023 in September. More than a month later, the V3 series vertical injection molding machine UN165V3R presents at Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2023.

UN165V3R vertical injection molding machine employs robots to embed inserts, pick up products, and detect in-chamber product misalignment through machine vision, providing integrated solutions for customers developing new products of auto parts, home appliances, and 3C electronics.

UN165V3R vertical injection molding machine

In recent years, Turkey's plastic industry has been one of the country's fastest growing emerging industries, with an annual output growth rate of more than 10%, giving it a significant competitive edge in the global market.

The Plast Eurasia Istanbul is an important platform for YIZUMI to present itself in the Turkish market, and our on-site machines have received a lot of great comments while our brand image is becoming increasingly recognized.

In the future, YIZUMI will continue to build a lasting global influence and be active on the world stage, providing intelligent and cost-effective turnkey solutions to more international partners.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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