YIZUMI's wheel eyebrow strip installer is a the special equipment for affixing the left and right automotive wheel eyebrow adhesive strips. The main unit of the system adopts a dual-station turntable. Materials are placed onto the equipment fixture manually. Using two-hand start, the 6-axis robot palm is equipped with automatic adhesive application, drying, and automatic sticker affixing modules to achieve a fully automatic operation. It significantly improves production efficiency while reducing the workload of operators and operating costs.

It realizes the integrated process of adhesive spraying, drying, and affixing of automotive wheel eyebrows. The system has a simple structure and limited footprint. It can quickly replace the turntable through a special fixture, which is convenient to use.

High efficiency

It adopts the automated operation cycle of 6-axis robots to reduce labor requirements and workload, greatly enhancing production efficiency.

Automatic switchable adhesive head

Multi-adhesive head design, the robot can automatically switch the adhesive head according to the process demand.

Replace fixture
Replace fixture
Convenient for customers who produce with various trim strips
Dual-station turntable
Dual-station turntable
Use Teflon profiling to reduce surface scratches

Industry Application

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Service Process

Process/Mold Analyse and Design
  • Raw materials selection
  • Product design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Mold design suggestion
Equipment Selection Suggestions
  • Product performance
  • Product quality
  • Ease of use
  • Safety requirements
Whole Plant Planning Advice
  • Planning of production line
  • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
  • Peripheral automation
  • Smart connection
Delivery Solutions
  • Professional installation and debugging
  • On-site operation training
  • Molding process training
After Sales Solutions
  • YFO services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Device upgrade
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