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With the change of travel requirements, the development of automobile manufacturing industry is accelerated so that traditional process of injection molding is difficult to satisfy. Therefore, new application solutions are emerged.
As a turnkey solution provider, YIZUMI can become your reliable professional partner with rich experience and excellent quality.

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Yizumi turnkey solution for the production of automotive plastic parts
With YIZUMI, you can get a turnkey solution for your automotive production. Not only Yizumi machines,automation and peripheral equipment, but also our service team would provide continuous support for your production.Yizumi also offer professional suggestion on product design, application of process technology and process management to better ensure your smooth production and business
Process expertise for all requirements
We help you success. There are many different plastic applications used in automobiles. From bumpers (in addition to attractive design, they also meet high crash standards) to lightweight rigid organic panels, high-quality optical lenses and optical conductors as structural components, to modern interior components with excellent tactile and optical characteristics and additional functions. No matter what kind of challenging components you produce, our application technology experts can ensure that you get the necessary parts and process quality.
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ReactPro Polyurethane In-mold Coating Molding Solution

Perfectly integrate injection molding technology and PUR process to further achieve a scratch-resistant, self-healing, soft-touch, high-quality surface in a more creative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective production way.

FoamPro-Chem Chemical Foam Injection Molding Solution

Developed based on the chemical foaming process, it can be equipped with Core-Back precision mold opening and other technologies to achieve maximum product weight reduction while still performing at its best.

FoamPro Physical Foam Injection Molding Solution

Developed based on the MuCell process, it can be equipped with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy mold technology, ceramic coating technology, and FLEXflow servo needle valve runner system to achieve maximum product weight reduction while still performing at its best.

Auto bumper molding automation solution

The solution integrates the main unit, feeding system, automatic mold change, robot parts extraction, product post-processing, and YiMES intelligent manufacturing execution system to achieve a highly automated, efficient, and information-based streamlined production.

IMD In-mold Decoration Injection Molding Solution

The IMD in-mold decoration technology (includes IML, INS) can achieve one-step molding of products in a variety of colors and patterns, increases product design flexibility and raises its perceived value.

DecoPro In-mold Graining

Adopt Mold Graining (IMG) involves vacuuming the final layers (such as aluminum foil, veneer, and leather) onto a negative mold with a pattern. When the mold is closed and glue is injected, the surface with the pattern is made, considerably enhancing the product's surface quality.

Low pressure injection molding technology

The SmartClamp intelligent mold clamping technology allows an automatic correction control over the platen parallelism with a response accuracy of ±0.015mm/2ms. It can be applied to automotive interior trim products (e.g. IMD with fabric or leather inserts) and sunroofs.

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