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Efficient and precise, economic and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection
All self-developed, the design, quality, and overall performance of the products are advanced in Chinese. By highlighting the concept of efficient and precise, economic and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, leading the packaging industry into a new trend.
Affers high-quality injection molding solutions and turnkey projects.
PAC Thin-wall Injection molding System
With established and dependable technology of high precision and high efficiency, thin-walled packaging products are appropriate for high-speed molding. To satisfy the varied production requirements of clients' future requests, it also offers high-quality injection molding solutions and turnkey projects that include machines, molds, auxiliary machines, and after-sales services.
Focus on the development, production, and manufacture of injection molds for thin-walled multi-cavity products
Standardized cavity and core design to ensure interchangeability and versatility.
Optimized cavity cooling water channel design to improve cooling effect and shorten production cycle.
Hot runner manifold adopts natural balance design to effectively reduce cavity pressure and prolong die life.
Adopt imported high-quality steel, core components for full inspection and quality control, to ensure the stability of mold use.
High precision needle valve injection nozzle to ensure the precision of product molding.
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1. Improve the fluidity of plastic raw material. With the same process or wall thickness, the molding is easier, and the molding problems of fully degradable materials are also better to be solved. 2. Get more design freedom. With flxible stucture design to allow sudden change of wall thickness, it can significantly reduce product warpage and deformation. 3. Reduce energy consumption and production cost.With reduction of 5% in product weight, 15% in injection pressure and 20% in clamping force. 4. Improve product quality. Foam products are thicker and stiffer, with 20%-30% improvement in heat insulation effect when compared with the ordinary product of the same weight.

Stack Mold Technology

1. Improved efficiency of 30-80%, estimated according to different production processes. 2. Less demand on equipment and operators, space saving. 3. Effective control of color differences caused by the same injection molding machine. 4. Simultaneous production of different shapes of parts. 5. Automated assembly is easier through uniform shrinkage and deformation after a set of workpieces are produced simultaneously.

FoamPro Physical Foam Injection Molding Solution

Developed based on the MuCell process, it can be equipped with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy mold technology, ceramic coating technology, and FLEXflow servo needle valve runner system to achieve maximum product weight reduction while still performing at its best.

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